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Monday, July 18, 2005

so anyway sasha came over yesterday which really sucked'.

thanks bitch i love you too.

and we kinda did some weird stuff.

i love when old men still caught up in their midlife crisis think its okay to hit on girls like 1 tenth their age.

so first we went to loehmann's where i tried on a maternity short peasants dress.

that was dasha i am smart and use protection. (the babies name is undecided)

sasha youre confusing me with my brothers. he's pregnant, not me. so anyway, then we went to longs and got hair dye (me, red, sasha, black which turned out to be purplish brown)

and today dasha woke up in a state of mass confusion due to the realization that she had streaked her hair the day before.

so anyway we started dyeing our hair and then i realized that i got dye on my nose and sasha's like "DASHA HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET DYE ON YOUR NOSE" and i freaked out and was like "HOLY SHIT WHAT DO I DO"

so now dasha has a red mustache. its quite sexy in my humble opionon.

do not. so anyway then we went into the shower (in bathing suits) and washed our hair out and kinda stood there staring at our reflections. and THEN, we decided to go to the park, and later ALBERTSONS. so anyway sasha's in the bathroom so i will tell the albertsons story. so sasha and i went into the store with me in the shopping cart and her pushing be about, so we got hostess cupcakes and lime pepsi. and then we both sat in the cart eating outside and random old men with motorcycles kept on talking to us. but then sasha got out of the cart and before i got out she pushed the cart and it rolled off the curb, across the street, hit the other curb and flipped over. it hurt like hell. so yes. anywho we came home, watched buffy, and now we are doing this.

NOW....very important events....HARRY POTTER. so the 6th book came out, and i went with jubee and elke and we stood in line at midnight and the book was SO GOOD. and i cried when snape was evil and he killed dumbledore. and i was SO SAD AND I CRIED AND THEN HARRY AND GINNY BROKE UP AND HERMIONE AND RON AND OMG IT WAS SO GOOD SO GO READ IT AND MOLLY IS MOLLYWOBBLES WHEN SHE IS ALONE WITH ARTHUR AND ITS SO EFFING GOOD AND I LOVE HARRY POTTER AND YES.

me. and sasha.

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