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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I had the BEST day today, mainly because I finally saw my baby Talia! And she's going out with BLANK again. (See how I snidely inserted the BLANK there hon?) But anyway, we were both upset because her parents are MEAN, and we went to lunch at this adorable Japanese place. Then we went and saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which turned out to be very, very good actually. Brad Pitt is often judged based on his looks, but he really is a good actor, despite the common thought that he is only liked for his beautifulness. Angelina Jolie is gorgeous, and she played the part of Mrs. Smith well. It's so annoying! How come she ALWAYS manages to look good? I want to look like her...but I don't really want to be like her, what with the sleeping with brother thing. omg, I forgot to say, right before the movie, we were walking to the theatre, and we were standing at the crosswalk and the little green man lit up, but there was a woman in her car crossing the crosswalk, so Talia meant to say this quietly, but she yelled out by accident "MOVE OVER LADY BITCH!" It was soooo funny, and then it turned out that the lady's window was open. I laughed so effing hard my stomach fell off. Oh, and also, before at her house, as I said her parents were being evil, so she opened a picture of her mom and dad and was like "There's the whore and there's the devil!" It was sooo funny. Ugh I miss you Talichkins! I hadn't seen you since April 2nd before today! No matter where you go, you'll get into Columbia and become an amazing OBGYN or journalist or whatever you want to be, because you're beautiful and brilliant! We also made videos of each other where I did a duck dance to Britney Spears and Japanese techno, and Talia shook her butt like a crazy person and told me the story of her life. After the movie, we went to Maido and got stuff and Talia tried to pay in all coins but I wouldn't let her, so you owe me 3 bucks Talichkins. Anywho, I need to go tend to me retarded big toes which were taken off due to genetic defects and replaced with a robot toe and then all bandaged up and unbandaged, so now I have to bandage them. Omg I HATE my mom. She didn't even say hi to me when she came home. Just started criticizing me and telling me how i"ve screwed up in life, and now she's calling me a bitch and yelling.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

so yesterday, we had my grandma's 81st birthday party, and today's her real birthday! happy birthday babushka! i love you (and your cooking) more than life itself! since my camera broke on the way to france, we returned it and got a new one, and i love it, and i'm going picture crazy! i just downloaded like 200 pictures i took at the party (as well as videos of my brother wacking my cousin alex on the ass with a badminton racket). it's so fun! katie's sleeping over today, and i'm so excited, cuz i haven't seen her since promotion, and she's my little katie kates and i love her so much! also in two days, talia's coming over, which is beyond awesome, since i haven't seen her since the kehillah dance i think which was on april 2nd, and she still hasn't seen my beauteous haircut which i got at the end of april! oh, and just for the 411, i'm wearing this adorable dress which i got in france right now. it's olive green and all cute, and anna and shelley and i got matching ones. well shelley and i did but hers is orange, and anna's is really similar. anyway. i went to bed at like 5:30 pm yesterday and woke up at 3 am, and i had nothing to do, so i photoshopped stuff and did camera stuff and other stuff and ate and stuff. also i watched hp 1 and 2 yesterday and today. i might watch the third one before katie comes over, although i do need to clean up if i don't want some serious mother ass kicking (as in my mother kicking my ass). i ran two miles today which is cool, except i was really 16 minutes...or maybe even 17, i don't remember. i really don't wanna go to camp newman. meh. idka ditched me, so now i have to go alone. i really wanna go to talin, estonia instead with my great aunt to visit alina. i miss you so much girl! we're leaving for israel on saturday, and i get to bring my computer and stuff. i'm so freaked out of flying though, esp since i had that dream in france that our plane was gonna crash, and even though it didn't, our landing was so freaky. i think our pilot didn't go low enough in the beginning, so he decided to make up for it by dropping like 8 times. everyone on the plane was freaking out and like "OMG WE'RE GONNA CRASH." and erin was like " you remember which part we crashed during? cuz i'm kinda freaked right now." anyway. that's all for now. katie kates and i will be sure to post some entertainment for yall. ta all.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

I found this on a friend's xanga, so fill out for me and put in my chatterbox! Or, actually, since that thing is tiny, send it to me at my email, which I think you know, but just in case it's seriously hope there are no stalkers here. Or otherwise, if you really love me lol, become a member of blogger and post a comment!

Would you:

[ ] Kiss me
[ ] Hug me
[ ] Lick me
[ ] Kill me
[ ] Love me
[ ] Hate me
[ ] Hold me
[ ] Lie to me
[ ] Be true to me
[ ] Hurt me
[ ] Sing with me
[ ] Dance with me
[ ] Cuddle with me
[ ] Let me make a move on you
[ ] Make a move on me
[ ] Caress me
[ ] Date me
[ ] Go out with me
[ ] Please me in more ways then 1
[ ] Let me kiss you up and down
[ ] Watch a movie with me
[ ] Get me a birthday gift
[ ] Let me borrow your car
[ ] Take a shower with me
[ ] Be my gf/bf
[ ] Be there for me
[ ] Buy me a drink
[ ] Bring me around your friends
[ ] Give me a massage
[ ] Take me to the club
[ ] Have sex with me
[ ] Go to sleep with me
[ ] Let me be your first for something
[ ] Skinny dip with me
[ ] Get drunk with me
[ ] Get drunk and make fun of me
[ ] Let me get drunk and make fun of you?
[ ] Be kinky with me
[ ] Take care of me if i wasn't feeling good
[ ] Let me take care of you
[ ] Re-post this for me to answer your questions?

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Well I'm BACK FROM THE FRENCH TRIP. I know, I should have let people know I was actually gone for nine days, so oops. Omg there are so many funny when I came up to Ms. Lau and I was about to poke her in the stomach because I thought she was Shelley. And then Shelley and Anna and I decided to play Marco Polo in the Louvre, because we thought the Casti ppl were the only ones in that exhibit. So I was Marco, and I had my sweater over my eyes, and Anna shouted Polo, except I ran the wrong way and wacked a random woman with my program because I thought she was Anna. Also, the three of us threw gummy bears out of our hotel window at random people, and it was SO MUCH FUN. There was this guy we almost hit who we named Dorky, and when he left, we were all sad, so Anna wrote a song for him and belted it out the window. Then, Anna hit a bunch of hot 16 year olds, and they were all like "Hey sexy thing. What floor are you on?" and Anna was like "82!!!" Then, we went downstairs to "get Anna's insulin" (actually more because we thought this 16 year olds had gone to the lobby, so we put on our new dresses, but they weren't there. This was at about 11 pm by the way. Then on the last day, we were in Versailles, and I lost my purse, so Shelley went with me to go get from the place I thought I left it while our group waited. Unfortunately, Shelley and I have a very bad sense of direction when it comes to navigation at Versailles. So obviously, we went in about 50 wrong directions until Shelley finally found the place. However, my purse wasn't there! We came up to a woman sitting on the bench where my purse was supposed to be, and I was like "J'ai perdu mon sac. Savez-vous où est-ce que je peux trouver le sécurité?" and she was like "English?" so it turned out she was this really nice Southern woman, and she showed us where the security was, and they had my purse. HOWEVER, it had been about an hour since we left, and our classmates were long gone. Two extremely pissed off teachers were waiting for us, thinking we had been kidnapped, and thus ends our tale. Well, I would say more, but I must go shower. Ta. oh and also, I woke up at 6 am this morning thinking of us 6 pm yesterday, so I ate an icecream cone and got really freaked out about where everyone was. Ok. Really ta now.

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