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Sunday, May 08, 2005

K, well now I finally have some time to post about DC. So first day...we get up at 2:30 AM so we can be at the airport by 4. I'm with Ms. Walter's group...first flight was good, but second, the plane was small and crappy, and I dozed off for like 10 minutes, when all of a sudden, there was this huge drop, and I woke up to Libby yelling "WE'RE FALLING!" It was scary. Then, we got to the hotel, put our stuff away, watched a strange version of Robin Hood in which Alan Rickman tries to rape a girl, and went to dinner. After dinner, we went to the African American experience, which was really really cool, and I got to play a drum thing! lol and Ericka, Leilani, and Rebecca made very good squirrels, rabbits, and chickens. We went to all the monuments and places and that good stuff. omg we went to this soldier thing performance by the American army, and after the show (which we could barely see), we (me and Meredith) wwent to talk to the soldiers. omg...i have not seen such a concentration of hot guys in such a small place in my whole was HEAVEN. Mer and I are gonna go live there and become nurses in the army so we can marry them...ah...k, more stand-outish events. I got hit on by a 9 year old, who first said "How ya doin?" and then i cracked up and he was like "turn away now, but i'll pick u up at 8." then on the bus, he was like grabbing his...u know, and demonstratin a...u know. it was so hella funny and kinda disturbing at the end lol. we also got mooned by somje guys stayin at our hotel, and they pressed their buts up against the window facin our bus, and the teachers didnt notice. it was awesome. we went to arlington cemetery, and looked at pics of all the soldiers who had died in Iraq, and i just couldn't keep the tears from coming. There was a note on one photograph which said, "Your 3rd son was born 3 months ago." I couldn't take it. I ran to the bathroom and sobbed my heart out. We all did. Even the people who I didn't think had a heart. I just wish I could have died instead of them. Why is it that they died while they were doing such a good deed, and I, who have barely done anything to better this world at all, am still alive? It was scary...watching 60 girls crying while waiting in line for Subway at the mall. On a better note, after we ate, we went to Sephora, and I gave Nani a makeover, and she looked gorgeous, and I gave AK a makeover, and she looked hilarious, probably because of the bright blue eyeshadow and the hot pink lips. oh, and the blue eyeliner and mascara. Back at the hotel, I watched Never Been Kissed with Nelly, Mel, and Elke, which was fun. The next day, we took a boat to Mt. Vernon, and then we went to the museum of natural science. Mel and I chained ourselves together by our Worldstrides cards cuz we're too stupid to stay together lol. It was hilarious, everyone was giving us weird looks, and we got really cool rocks, and looked at sparkly gems which should be ours. Then, we went to dinner, where Elke filmed my nose being weird AGAIN, and we sang "I like 6 packs."
I like 6 packs and I cannot lie.
You otha sistas can't deny.
When a boy walks in with a tiny buff waist and a tight thing in yo face you get SPRUNG.
(dedicated to the hot soldiers)

then on the bus to the airport, Mel, Brooke, Eddy and I did a dating show and a news channel thing, all of which Elke got on tape. It was HILARIOUS, and i hope all of u get to see it, because it's awesome. so ya. yay. i'm sooo exhausted now, though, still have like 6 chapters of Jane Eyre to read...meh. It;s a great b ook and all, but I;ve read it before, and I'm hella tired. and daddy has poison oak, and it;'s mother's day, and i wanna sleep god dammit!
end short rant.
k, gonna go read, eat i.c., and kick it.



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