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Thursday, April 28, 2005

K, it's time for a new cool person! And guess what...this time, it's gonna be a guy! So, before all of you start jumping to conclusions: I do not like this guy as more than a friend. Let that sink into your brains, because most of you, being adolescent girls, will jump to that conclusion. So, cool person is...Dan! Who never reads this, but oh well! So, Dan and I "dated" when were both 10, or 11 or something, which was kinda funny, cuz we were at Camp Newman, and then he "dumped" me for this other girl, and then we "got back together." It was very amusing. But anyway, now we are just friends. So, Dan and I have some things in common: we are both Jewish, we're extremely brilliant (well Dan, not so much, but me, duh. lol jk) we both have short hair (now), both of us have blondish, but kinda brownish hair, both of us go to Beth Am, we're both in 8th grade, we've both had Bat Mitzvahs...ya, that's it. Things we DON'T have in common: Dan is, in fact, A MALE, unlike me, as I am a FEMALE, in case you need that clarification. Dan, goes to Jordan, I go to Casti, Dan is reasonable, I am eccentric, Dan has freckles...I think, I don't, Dan's American, I'm not. Well I am, but the whole family thing...ya. Oh, and I'm taller than him. So HA. Oh, and Dan is a party pooper, unlike me, and he has phonephobia, which I definitely don't. Dan is a cool person, because unlike most guys I know, he's not shallow, and he doesn't treat me like an alien just because I'm a girl. I tell him a lot of stuff which I would never tell other guys, except for my brother. He has a great sense of humor and he's always there to say something nice to me. Even last year, when I was being weird and a bitch, he still stayed friends with me. He made me get SKYPE, which is really cool, so now I can talk to him on the phone, except on the computer, which solves the phonephobia problem. Dan is probably one of the only guys I don't feel awkward or shy in front of. Even though he ditched the dance, I still don't hate him, even though, yes Dan, I am mad at you. So ha. And you also ditched me at newman, like Ida, so now the only person I know who's going is Noah, who seems to always be annoyed by me. So, ickle Dannykins, I hope you marry Vanessa...or some other girl, and you're happy some day, and I hope we stay friends forever!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Omg...i am in such a crappy mood. Constantine got kicked off of Idol. I just don't believe this. Why the hell is Scott still on the show? He sucks. He is terrible, both in persona and vocals. Something is seriously wrong here. I think someone is messing with the voting system, because it's just impossible that Scott could get into the bottom three 4 times, and randomly come out on top. And so what of Constantine wasn't great last night? He is an amazing singer. Like when he sang Bohemian Rhapsody, he was unbelievable. But I'm very thankful neither Carrie nor Bo nor Anthony got kicked out. But GOD. Vonzell should have gotten out, if not Scott, but Scott was worse than her by a mile. On a brighter not...I GOT A HAIRCUT. I was so scared, but it actually looks really good...and I don't mean that in a stuck-up I'm so beautiful way. It just looks way better than before. So ya. K, ta people.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Guess what peeps...I'M GETTIN A HAIRCUT! ME! HAIR! SCISSORS! I'm so excited. Ugh I'm getting so friggin bored of my hair! So the other day I was like "SCREW THIS. I'M GETTIN A HAIRCUT. AND IF IT LOOKS LIKE SHIT, I'LL EITHER SHAVE IT ALL OFF OR WEAR A WIG UNTIL IT GROWS BACK." So go me. Haircuttin girl. DC IS ON SUNDAY! AHHH! I'm so excited, but not to psyched about the getting up at like 5 friggin AM every morning. So I was readin some of my first blog entries a while back and I totally cracked up. Especially the first one was funny. I sound like a prize idiot, and a few months from now, I'll probably read this entry and say the same thing. Anyway, I'm in a pretty pissy mood since it's Passover. So, today, I get to the dining room, and I see it's pasta shapes for lunch, but NO. NO pasta shapes for Dasha because she's a friggin JEW. Ya, a homie of them Israelites. So I had to watch people around me eat one of my fave foods in the world. Then, when I get to the table, I'm about to sit, when Emily pulls the chair out from behind me, but I caught myself right away. I was about to sit down again, but she did it again, but this time, I flopped right on my bum, got up, sat on the chair, and exploded about my bad mood. Then Emily stuck her hand out and she's like "Here, Dash, I'm sorry, slap my hand." So I swing as hard as I can, but she moves her hand, so I wack mine on the table really hard. So ya, NOT a good day. Plus, I'm hella tired. Yesterday, my mom's Israeli cousin, who's kinda ugly and weird and twitchy stayed over with his wife, which was a bit uncomfortable. Oy veh. Movin on, EVERYONE has to come see my musical on May 20th (Friday) at Casti. It's gonna be so good! I hope. And if it's not, just remember I'm in it, and I'm sure you'll feel better. Damn, I've been really conceited lately....I really must stop that. K, well my dad is making me eat. Ta all.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bugger Bugger Bugger. What's new...well the dance sucked ass, which isn't really much of a surprise lol. Plus, Dan and Philip ditched! Well, Phil had the stomach flu, but STILL. Pas cool. Jeremy (this lil 6th grader who's a family friend) came, and after the dance he was going on all excitedly about how he freaked a girl for the first time. It was adorable, but a bit disturbing haha. Talia went off to Spain, which makes me very sad :(. Life just isn't as interesting without her around, but I'm sure she's changing some hot Spanish guy's life about now. I finished And the Band Played On yesterday at home with my parents. After, I went to my room and cried my eyes out, calmed down a bit, and cried again. And it wasn't like "Oh, this movie is sad." I mean, those are real people. It's a true story, and I was just devastated. it really explains how horrible AIDS is, and how it can destroy a person and everyone around them until they are left without hope and simply die. That's the nature of the virus. You all must see that movie. It's a story with a bit of documentary added in about the discovery and research of AIDS, and it's all true. It shows the political, scientific, and emotional perspective on AIDS and HIV. I just couldn't sleep after it. :(. Omg, I still have to read about 5 chapters of Jane Eyre and study for my science test. oh, and I have a math problem to do also. Oy veh. Well I'm gonna go. Love you chicas...and chicos...or whatev.
Lovingly from Dashy

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