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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hello all. So not much new stuff has been going on. We had our first volleyball game and guess what...we lost! But we won the first game by like 20 lol so that's good. I and had a good spike which gave us a point and I got us some other points, so me=happy. ish. We also had our first DC meeting which was...FUN. Haha. Ya, musicals was cool as usual. I have to do a fake laugh now. Kinda weird. Ms. W keeps on changing it but oh well I like her anyway. Well I gotta go take a nice herbal bath.
-Bubbly Dashy

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Monday, April 18, 2005

So today in musicals, we had a partial stumble through of Guys and Dolls, which kinda sucked, cuz I didn't know the whole play, but luckily we did the parts that I know. The thing is, I totally blanked out on the scenes which I knew, which was sucky. But we sang Guys and Dolls in a lower key, and I'm sooo happy, cuz I don't sound like a messed up guy going through puberty with sliced up vocal cords. What else is new...oh ya, Dan got me to install Skype, which is the awesome program which lets you talk to people on your computer almost like a phone, but you can chat at the same time, so I talked to Dan for the first time in forever, and also Katie and Meredith. Oh, we have a dance on Fri, and the only peeps I'm bringing this time are Dan and Philip, and omg they were so incredibly difficult to convince. Damn...I still haven't finished my french hw...oh well. Anyway, my mom's probably gonna ground me cuz I didn't clean my clothes, which kinda sucks, but she can't keep me from going to the dance, cuz you're recquired to go if you invited people. So ha. I'm knitting this really cute pillow thing for my grandma, but it kinda got screwed up, and it would really suck if I had to start over, cuz it took me forever and my hands are sore. Ugh, and my foot hurts like hell. I seriously tore my tendon pretty damn badly. Plus I had to climb up this hill outside our house today at like 8:30 (aka dark) to look for my cat, and I'm covered in spider/mosquito bites, and my foot is totally dead now. erf. Oh haha today after school Anan and Jenny and I were being so weird. And then my mom came to get me and started talking about her mamogram and jenny's like "oh, is that the one where they squeeze your boob?" and my mom really got into demonstrating what "pain zey put me through!" Not pleasant. So ya...I think that's all the new stuff. I am so tired...been going to bed at 2 all break, and yesterday I got into bed at like 10:30, but I couldn't fall asleep until like 2:30, so I'm feeling all dead and crappy. but I have a new purse. Which makes me feel a bit betterish. MEREDITH YOU MUST BRING PHOTOSHOP FOR ME. Oh and tomorrow is "dream job" day so i dunno if i should wear a cardiologist outfit thing or an actressy thing. haha weird isnt it? My two career choices are cardiology or acting. And I mean what do actresses wear? Glamorous dresses? I dont wanna ruin my dresses. And I don't have a friggin doctor's outfit. Maybe I can wear sunglasses and a hat and like cover myself up...oh! And I'll have Elke following me around with her camera! Haha. That'd be funny. But then my science teacher'll be like "oh, well she wants to be an actress not someone science-related. hmph i don;t like her anymore." ah well. Today we started studying the NERVOUS SYSTEM. Oh joy. Sex ed was way cooler. Ah...I already miss the Swedish video of the birth and the people having that was hilarious and very scarring. Morgan and I are gonna be nuns together. Well, Morgan is gonna be a christian nun who lives in a box, and I'm gonna be a Jewish none. With the one exception of Johnny Depp in that whole chastity thing :). oh, and daniel radcliffe of course. omg my french teacher dislikes me immensly. it's so annoying. today i had my "my computer" window open from earlier, and she was like "BAH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT OPEN? WHY AREN'T YOU PAYING ATTENTION?" meh. evilness. k well i'm gonna see if i can get some strawberries now, cuz i'm having a strawberry craving. come to the dance peepails (hahahaha Anan).
-luvs dashers

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

So, today we had a 7 hour tech challenge meeting at Mel's. At first, we actually worked on soldering the wires together and getting the remotes finished and all that crap, and then we hung out and went outside with our Quizno's stuff. And we were sitting down with our feet dangling in the pool/hot tub, when all of a sudden, this ginormous bumble bee thing zoomed at us, so me, Kennedy and Mel sprinted inside. Which hurt my foot. And I left my foot brace outside, but I was too scared to go outside and get it, because the evil bee could kill me and eat me. (Julia had her soccer game at that time.) So then, we worked on the bot a bit, and while Steven programmed some stuff, we watched little clips of Mean Girls. A lil later, all of us (and julia) were outside testing a robot, and it didn't work, so Steven went inside to fix it, and we all had our picture taken, and Jeff was like "SAY CHEESE!" so Mel and I were like "CHEEEEEEEEESE!" and we held it for a long time. So then I'm like, "BREATH CONTEST!" and Mel and I went "CHEEEEEESE" for like ten minutes, and then we stopped yelling at the exact same time. So then, Mel was like, "It's better if you lie down on your back and try it!" so we got on our backs and went "CHEESE!" but I kept on cracking up, and Julia took pictures of us, and Rob and Steven were giving us really weird looks and cracking up. Oh ya, and before that, Mel went into Rib's room to wake him up (at like 3) and he was like "One minute." And then he came out two hours later in boxers and pants and no shirt. I swear, that guy doesn't know how to wear a shirt haha. So ya, nothing else new. Yesterday was my Grandma's birthday party, which was cool. Nola is absolutely adorable and fun to play with, but going to grandparents' birthday parties is kind of depressing, because everytime you ask yourself, "Is this their last?" But anyway, before I get emotional...I'm sitting at home now, almost dying of fatigue. I got up early today because I had a violin lesson, so I'm exhausted. I've been falling asleep at like 3 and 4 for the past week. So ya...just listening to 97.3. Oh God, I don't wanna go to school tomorrow! But I'm so effing excited about going to DC. I have the coolest room: Anna, Morgan, and Lin-Z/LynZ/Lindsay/a million other names lol. Phew ok...that's it. Oh ya, and we have a dance at Casti on the 22nd, so if you wanna go, don't be shy and call me or email me or IM or send me a letter or a telegram lol. Ok, love y'alls. Mwah. Damn that sounded stupid...

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