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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ok, well, it's 1:04, soon to be 1:05 AM! I can't get to sleep. Let me tell you something: some people like the night life. I'm one of those people. But I currently have no parties nor gatherings to go to, so at the moment, there is no night life being lived by me. Instead, I am lying here, exhausted and unable to sleep. It's not pleasant. The only thing I have to amuse myself is Harry Potter fanfiction and talking to my brother on AIM. Who is just as sleepy as me. And is being very slow to answer me. Anyway, yesterday, Meredith came over, and we pigged out, watching Buffy and Little Black Book, and filmed really weird crap. Then, I went to sleep over at my Babushka's. We played Rummi, watched American Idol (well, she slept, I watched). Then, she watched her game show, and I watched a Buffy episode on my laptop. She fed me to bits and pieces, but I'm not going to complain regarding that. I love spending time at Grandma''s just so relaxing and full of love. I mean, I can just sit there and be praised and fed and loved. Plus, my Grandma is awesome, and I love her to death. Same with my other grandma, but I wasn't over to her house yesterday, so that's slightly irrelevant. Though it's really not, since I do love her a lot, and that matters. Plus, her birthday was on Monday. So happy birthday Babushka. Which means grandma in Russian. Oh, and just to clear something up for you Americans, Babushka is actually pronounced BA-bu-shka, not ba-BU-shka. Yes, the emphasis is on the BA, not the BU. Just clearing that up. Nothing else is really new. I'm going to Loehmann's tomorrow with Mom and possibly Anna, because we have to have our "Harry Potter/Wicked" day. Oh! American Idol news: Nadia got out today. I mean, she was one of the worst (even though she's really good, seeing as she's in the top 9). But still, SCOTT WAS WORSE. Ugh, I HATE him. He's like a murderer or something, and he was accused of abusing his ex-girlfriends. He effing threw a blow dryer at her. Hard. Painful. He is evil. And should be taken off the show. Oh my God, BO WAS IN THE BOTTOM 3. I was so pissed off. I mean, Bo is SO good. The top 2 in the finale should be either Carrie and Constantine or Carrie and Bo. I mean, Carrie's just amazing. And Constantine has gotten to be totally awesome. And Bo was always very good. So, I think they should be in the top three. Yeah. Okay, it's 1:13 now, and I have nothing else to say, so I'm going to go on and proceed to attempt to communicate with my half-dead brother over AIM. Ta all.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Dasha: Hi. This is me and the Meredith.


Dasha: is not. We're just speaking Olde Englishe stupide.

Mer: hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah. we watched tHe LiTtLe BlAcK boooook! it was full of blackness and booooks. and little.... people.. and midgets... and people who look ugly when they cry

Dasha: see i dont get why people kept on talking to her and hiring though cuz she was kind of insane. like meredith. like ya. like like. like. LIKE. LIKE LIKE LIKE. HOHOHO. I'M SANTA! BUT NOT. CUZ I'M A JEW BABY. MAZEL TOV BABY. SHALOMIE HOMIE. i hoho you with my jewish santa-ness. be AFRAID. E. AFRAIDE.


Dasha: Meredith, you really muste get comfortable saying the word. Now do it with me. HAPPINESS. now, take away the "ha..."

Mer: ppiness. O WAIT I JUST GOT THAT! anyway, when i first here, what did dasha's mom do? SHE FED ME!


Mer: my mom told me not to eat strangers

Dasha: O YEAH HAHAH no it was cook strangers. STUPIDE

Mer: well at least my FOOTS not SPRAINED

Dasha: SHITE. haha funny. like shit, but not. it rhymes with KITE. SHITY KITE.

mer: goodbye.

dasha: buttsbobble

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Well, nothing new has happened, but Meredith insists that I post, and who can resist the wonders of Meredith. Yup. Everybody. But I'm posting anyway. So, I'm still in awe of Bono. I watched this really long interview with him, and he's just so...COOL. There's no other word for it. He's like the epitome of cool. He and cool are as Johnny Depp and beauty. So, I barely did anything today. First, I sat at my laptop outside while watching Mikey roll around on the ground. Then I went inside, and so did Mikey. Then, Mikey attacked Gizelle, so she went and hid, and I tried to pet her under the couch, but she growled at me, so I chased Mikey, picked him up, yelled at him, and threw him. A lot of you might be thinking animal abuse, but he has such sever ADD that he forgot about it about a second later. So, after wasting a number of hours on my cats, I went back to my computer and finished my Tech Challenge Powerpoint, and then I kinda wasted time doing nothing. After that, my dad and I decided to WALK to Blockbuster. Let me tell you something. It is a very very BAD idea to walk 3 miles when you have a sprained foot. Yeah, I don't even know how I sprained my foot. Actually, I didn't even know you COULD sprain your foot until I did. But anyway, as I was saying, walking 3 miles with a sprained foot is bad. So now, about 3 hours later, I'm lying here on the couch with a limp foot covered in ice packs. Oh holy joy. Tomorrow, hopefully my day's gonna be a little bit more eventful. I mean, I know I should be happy I'm on break, but unlike all my friends who are in Fiji or something like that, I am here, with a grumpy dad and a sprained, limp foot. Tomorrow, first at 9:15 in the morning (Why do people hate me so much?), I have a violin lesson with my emotionless Russian violin teacher. After that, Meredith is coming over and we're watching Little Black Book. Ha. So that should be fun. And then, I'm going over to my Grandma's and sleepin over. That's right, GRANNY AND I ARE HAVIN OURSELVES A SLUMBER PARTAY, SO DON'T COME OVA, CUZ WHEN WE ANGRY, WE LIKE TO MAD BLACK MAMAS. Yes. Oh, and I watched Mean Girls today. Lindsay Lohan....what can I say...gag. But Rachel McAdams is awesome, especially in the Notebook (tear). Well, Mammy's home, and we're gonna go do our daily Buffy-watching siesta thing. Ta all.
-Me, the Dasha

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OH MY GOD, I JUST HAD ONE OF THE COOLEST DAYS OF MY LIFE. So, in the morning I had a TECH CHALLENGE MEETING. YAY! NOT. Then, I...TOOK A SHOWER! No, really, guess where I was tonight...dun dun dun...THE U2 CONCERT! God, it was AMAZING. I went with Mary and Meredith, and the opening act was Kings of Leon. They were good, but they didn't even compare to U2. Bono is absolutely phenomenal. He has this amazing voice, and whatever he sang, the crowd just went wild because he's so great. He gave a very touching speech on the death and his relationship with the Pope, and it nearly brought all three of us to tears. Then, Meredith and I texted his campaign ONE and joined, which was really cool. The concert itself was beyond awesome. There was awesome lighting, and the music was perfect, and they played the most touching messages on the screen. Mr. Doerr got us all awesome shirts and hats and bracelets and booklets, and I'm wearing my hat and shirt right now. I think I'm going to have Vertigo and Mysterious Ways stuck in my head forever. Ugh...I WANNA MEET BONO. He is so effing awesome. He is brilliant beyond brilliant beyond wonderful beyond perfect. And his shades are awesome. I mean, I was just looking at him the whole time thinking/saying, "Holy crap. He is so cool. I mean, he just looks and acts so cool, no matter what he does. How come I'm nto that cool? How does he do that? AH." So anyway, I'm kinda tired from jumping up and down on my sprained foot (don't ask), so ta all. And remember: SWINGING TO THE MUSIC, SWINGING TO THE MUSIC.
-Dasha, worshiper of Bono

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