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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Well, this is a new me talking to you! Actually, not a new me...a new computer...yes, I got a laptop! I never thought my parents would go through with it, but they did, so now I have a brand new Ibook G4! Yes, it's a mac! Can you believe it? My family...using macs! Ya, normally I hate macs, but now that I have a shiny white new laptop, I'm a bit warmer towards them. Ok, so I haven't updated here in a while, so I'll say some new stuff that's been going on. I went to the movies yesterday with Katie, Noah, Noelle, Steph, and Noah's friend Dylan. It was kinda weird, since I was the barrier between Noah and the Casti girls, and truthfully, there should have been someone else sitting in my seat, whom I won't name. We saw "Guess Who?" and even though the trailer looked stupid, the movie turned out to be very good, funny, sweet, all that jazz. My mom almost didn't let me go, because I had Pneumonia, the flu, and Bronchitis for the past two weeks, and I skipped school that day because of a fever, but I wasn't about to desert my friends. Well, I was, but I didn't. The Kehillah dance is next Saturday, and I'm really happy, because Talia and I are going to have a blast, and we're gonna salsa dance the crap out of everyone. So watch out you nice Jewish people! Bet that scared you. Jeff is gonna be there, yay! Even if he is kinda gay...with Saadi...haha. K, well anyway, I gotta go to a nice family dinner thing. Talia, I LOVE YOU! Katie, I LOVE YOU! Anna and Annie: I LOVE YOU! Friends in general: I ADORE YOU!

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