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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ugh, I feel so gross right now. Yesterday in the morning, I was really out of it and had really low blood pressure, and then we had our first two performances of Joyful Noise. Then I got home, and all of a sudden I got a fever and started sneezing and coughing like crazy. Then this morning, I was better. We had our shows, and I got home and now I feel like utter crap again. Plus, I have loads of homework, and tomorrow I have my CM exam...meh. Anyway, I'm gonna go hit the sack.


(And no, I don't mean suicide, I mean I wish I could sleep forever. Just clearing that up, because people today seem to have an obsession with suicide and depression...)


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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Yesterday, I went with Anna and Sara to see the Aviator. I was so, so nervous, but I think things are getting better. I hate losing friends, but getting them back, even if it takes a long time, is absolutely remarkable, so I really hope things will start getting better. I mean, apart from the beginning, we actually started talking...sort of. Moving on, I was listening to "Dancing through Life" the other day. I love that song! It's's tune is so upbeat. We had musicals today, which was fun as usual, and yeah...also, we had our orientations for Community Service day which I'm not going to be at since I have a Joyful Noise performance, but Mr. Capron decided to have me sit in anyway. It was quite entertaining when he started trying to convince us to go to the Rainbow Alliance dance lol. Ok, what else...haha, I'm listening to the part of Dancing through Life where she's talking about the hat, and black being this year's pink. Jubee and I are going to go see Wicked in SF when it comes, and I'm so, so excited! Also, my new Voldie fic got accepted, which makes me happy. It makes my other sappy story look like crap, which it is, but it's fun to write. This new one's really fun though, and Anna and I are going to write it together. We're going to have an HP day, where we go shopping for HP skirts to match our ties, and then we're going to write together, and maybe other stuff, and it'll be fun. Haha Anna, "MAMMARY EXHIBIT A." "Way of the future, way of the future, way of the future." Everyone go see The Aviator. Talichkins I'm so sorry about my mom's phonecall. I feel so hella bad about that, and you know I didn't tell her, right? mom is just special and strange and evil at times, though she can be coolish on occasion lol. Oh God, we finished the Miracle of Life in science today. It's like porn, I swear. First they show two people showing sex, zoomed into the...stuff, in silhouette. And then, we saw a birth up close. Thanks to that video, I have decided to remain a virgin forever (excepting very few special people lol) and never, ever have children. Yes, I am the Jewish nun, and Morgan is the Christian nun who lives in a box. Oh, and everyone, you should all do the CF walk because it's cool! K, I gotta go study for my satanic history test on urbanization crap tomorrow. Plus, rehearsal today...googly moogly bob :(.
-Me, the Dasha

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