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Friday, March 11, 2005

Well not much new stuff has happened. I talked to Andrew for a while on the phone, and I found out that two of my friends like each other, which is sweet. I really miss Andrew, and he's all sick, and it makes me sad, so as a tribute to him, I'm gonna put a poem by him into here:
2004, by Andrew Reys:

2004, a year of more, crazed shit than you'd expect,
From marriage rites, of queers in tights, to assholes we elect,
From hotel whores, to desert wars, and things you never knew,
We'll thus recite, this poem in light, of the past year in review.

Our last sequential, presidential, national election was,
A great transgression, and oppression, of democracy because,
The only valid, picks on ballot, clear to even Gary Busey,
Were one, a soaring, tower of boring, and a euphemism for pussy.

Steroids, t'would seem, aided the dream, of many baseball stars,
The league may bear, the marring glare, of countless PR scars.
Yet though't appeared, as if thus geared, to be a media blitz,
This drug abuse, can be reduced, to Jason Giambi growing tits.

In social news, a little booze, a not-so-priviliged access grants,
To the well-known, and widely-shown, contents of Paris Hilton's pants,
For her one claim, to starry fame, from here to France and China,
Is her hidden, often-ridden, part which rhymes with Carolina.

The Middle East, still hasn’t ceased, to be a storm of fuck,
We sent some guys, with poor supplies, and now they’re kinda stuck,
So there’s despair, in that place where, civilized life began,
That peace draws near, for to this year, the shit still hits the fan.

Hope still remains, in desert plains, of strife's last haunting cries,
For I, at least, am rather pleased, with Arafat's demise,
And when he meets, on Heaven's streets, his virgins seventy,
I hope they're queer, and male, and deer, with cocks down to the knee.

Also that year, there was some fear, that gays would want to marry,
But it was fought, with sweat and blood, by people like John Kerry,
And there are those, who stooped to lows, of wanting them all dead,
I say don’t bitch, let ‘em get hitched, so Doug...good luck with Fred.

And so you know, that is our show, but before we depart,
Thanks for listening, to this glistening, work of literary art,
We bid to you, a loud adieu, farewell, goodbye, so long,
Feel free to roam, back to your home, and partake of your bong.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

So not much new stuff has been going on. I GOT A SOLO IN GUYS AND DOLLS and a new scene which is cool crapness. I'm tired as hell, and my bro has mono, and I really which he could give it to me so I didn't have to go through my retarded CM exam. Except the problem with that is i don't exactly wanna exchange saliva with my brother...ew...bad thoughts. Ok lol shutting up now. So I got a new idea for a fanfic, and I just started it, and it's really weird and philosophical, but Anna's helping me out with it which is cool. Oh, Anna and I got Slytherin/Ravenclaw ties haha! Call it obsessive, w/e, I call it passionate. I'm also probably going to hang out with Elke this weekend, which is cool, cuz we haven't gotten together in like five millenia. I think it's millenia...cuz it's not yeah w/e I don't give a damn about grammar. Oh, and my mumsy got me a journal which is cool, and I've been writing in it a lot lately. My journals normally are my obsession for a little while, and then I forget about them, and then I get a new journal, and the cycle repeats. Oh yeah we're learning about sex and stuff in science right now, and it's so hella funny. Our teacher was like showing us graphic pornogrophy on the net lol. And on Friday we're supposedly going to watch a live and detailed birth. Sounds intriguing to me! Yeah...I miss my Talichkins, but she's taking me to the Kehillah dance which is awesome, because I get to ungay some sexy people. Plus I get to see her and give Evan the "If you even TRY to hurt her, I will neuter you slowly and painfully with a dull wooden knife." And on that pleasant note, I will end my life's story as of now. Ta all.
Luv Dashichka.

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