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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hey everyone. First note: I will not be able to go online till late on Saturday for mysterious yet unknown reason...bwa ha ha. Second: This is really random, but I remembered something really funny that happened between me and Anna. So we were swearing at each other in French, and then Jenny's like, "Hey guys, how do you say sexy beast in French?" See, in French though, at least up to the point that we've learned, a lot of the times you use an adjective, you actually end up using "of" (de) and a noun. So instead of being beautiful girl, you would say girl of beauty, except we know how to say beautiful, so that would not be the case. But anyway, Anna and I do not know how to say sexy, so we decided to call it "bete du sex" which literally translates to "beast of sex." So yes, that was all very, very funny. Uh...not much new really. I watched Angel yesterday (the episode in Season 1, not the show) and for the millionth time, it kicked some tush. Okey dokey, I will be leaving y'all now. Bubs Byes.

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Okay, so the dance is on March 4! God forbid it will be worse than the last one...I really hope this one's better, though I pretty much know that won't happen. Our dances tend to have this problem where they kinda suck, but oh well. A couple people I know are going, along with practically my whole grade, which makes it more than a couple, but by a couple I meant people out of school, and I am now officially rambling, so I will stop, because rambling is bad and tends to get out of hand with me. And haha I'm reading this hilarious fanfic called "I love...who?" and it's about a bunch of sent love notes which get mixed up, and at the moment, Malfoy thinks Harry fancies him...hahaha funny. Well anyway, overall things are good. Friendship status=as usual, great except for one of them, Family=ok I guess, Love life=a bit weird at the moment, and yes there is someone I like...I think...I dunno. I'm a bit tired right now, as it's 12:30, but I really can't get to sleep. It's been like this for a while now, so most of the time I sneak into the office and read "So I Married a Death Eater" by Cariel, which by the way is an absolutely phenomenal story, and I recommend it to everyone. Go to my favorites section and click Mugglent Fanfiction. I know a lot of you think I am insane with my Pottermania, but really, there is stuff worth reading on there. By the way, thanks a lot Anna dearest for showing me all those lovely fics, and hurry up with yours, I'm getting impatient! Everyone, read "A Fresh Start" by Scarlet Crystal to get some of Anna's lovely writing. The story is amazing. It ties in perfectly with chamber. I won't tell you the title of my story or my username, as I'm not particularly fond of my story, but I think a lot of you--many of you in fact--will be able to guess my username. It's not that hard really. But yeah, Cariel's stories are so good. I think I've cried like fifty times reading them, so READ THEM. Oh and Padfoot Prohibited is hilarious too. it's about Sirius making a list of all the things he was forbidden from doing/tried to do in school. Wow, this is turning out to be a long, so what else is new. Oh yes, I went into a chatroom today with a bunch of CSU people. Well, that was strange. I was Dasha the husky dog, George the giraffe, and Sam's girlfriend, none of which I ever recall actually being. But yeah, that was intriguing. Oh yes, I need to put in a part of my memorable phone conversation with Talia. You wouldn't understand the subject, but the wit of Talia is greatly displayed here.

At about 9:30 pm...

Dasha: So Talia, did this happen yesterday?

Talia: No you buttfu**, it was like 8 HOURS AGO!

HAHAHA. Yeah. Good, funny stuff...haha remember? Shakespeare would totally fu** me if he were alive, never date a guy unless he treats you like a goddess, and only make love during a war--it's more romantic that way. I love you girl, bff! Oh, and if you are scared about Jeff being gay, bring him to me. I will ungay him up for you. Haha that was funny...

That sounded cheesy didn't it...well I DON'T GIVE A DAMN BECAUSE IT'S TRUE. I love my Talia with all my heart, so piss of all you people who disagree!

Wow, I really have nothing better to do right now obviously...

Annie, Anna we must bunk together at DC. Happy funness it shall be. I made a rhyme. Go me.

Andrew, I love you and miss you. Come visit more so I can help you with your comedy thing about the boob size of Giambi or whatever. And the whole Paris Hilton is only wanted for that thing that rhymes with Carolina. Hehe I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Oh btw, Talia, I wish you luck with Evan! And next time you guys go to the movies, I am damn well coming and telling him that if he dares to so much as lay a hand of harm on you, I will skin him alive, boil him, and feed him to my cat...slowly...bwa ha ha ha

Idula, I miss you a lot. I'm still incredibly pissed at you for ditching me at Newman, but oh well, I'll live. hopefully. You have to come over or something. Life is just too goddamn normal without my husband. Hehe remember in Hebrew school? It's raining, and the water that's dripping off the roof is know why? I peed on it! I love you dear lol. I still have that ogre picture of you on my phone.

Speaking of pictures on my phone, Annie dear, I will NEVER EVER EVER delete those pictures we took of you in your dad's car. That has got to be some of the funniest shit ever. Oh and Happy Birthday again!

Anna...hmmm...what is there to say besides I love you like a daisy and you love me like a fat boy loves Katie. Oh! You totally stole that from "So I Married a Death Eater." I read that and I was like SO THAT'S WHERE SHE GOT IT. Hahaha.

Sashers: I miss you dear. Can't wait until you come on the 18th. Mwah! Oh remember? "And you'll make beautiful children, and then I can have one!!!!!"

Wow, this has got to be one of the longest blog posts I've ever put on here, with the exception of one of the political debates Sara and I had on here.

Sara: I highly doubt you will ever read this, but I just wanted to say, I love you and miss you like hell, and I'm sorry for everything and anything I did, even though a lot of the stuff you believe isn't true, but I don't blame you for thinking it...I really hope things will be okay someday...

And on that somber note, I bid you all good night.


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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Well, I had this great post which I did with Annie on Saturday, but then I left her house and it wasn't posted sadly. But it was funny. So pretend you read it and laugh your head off. Nothing much is new...Sunday was Annie's birthday, not party, but wish her a happy birthday anyway. I just submitted chapter 12 of my fanfiction yesterday and I'm working on 13, which you guys probably don't want to know. Calistoga is pretty fun and relaxing. I was a little sick but I'm much better, which is nice. Nothing more to say really...

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