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Saturday, February 12, 2005

So, I just got home from Starbucks, where we had our symbolic "after the last saturday show group trip to starbucks." The show went well, and unlike yesterday we had a sold out show, instead of a show with 15 people in the audience. Bad news...I'm getting sick. Ugh. I had a sore throat this morning, and then it went away, but now it's coming back, and I still have to sing for AWAH today again. So yeah. Meh. Anywho, I have a ton of homework, some of which I don't know (FRENCH) as I missed two classes this week. I have no idea how I'm going to get that done...we're starting our blocking for musicals on Monday, which should be very fun, as we're finally going to be able to move on from singing to talking. Hm...what else is new...nothing else is new...ok, well that means, I will go and get started on that homework...ugh...leaving now...soon...not...homework...
-A very disgruntled Dasha

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Friday, February 11, 2005

So yay, just got back from Arts with a Heart where Hanna, Julia and I got to show off our sexy silk teal shorts which go up about 2 feet above our belly buttons, plus our whole army outfits...twas fun, twas fun, and some of the dances were amazing. Anywho, due to having two plays today, along with a singing performance, by voice feels like getting lost right now, so I'm sitting here drinking herbal tea and writing. Which is nice. And soothing. The Rikki performances went well, despite our lack of audience. Anna and I went back to school after, where I had science for about 5 minutes, and then it was off to Ms Walter's office to do our reading of her play, which was, by the way, absolutely hilarious. Her adaption of Rapunzel is just awesome. Plus, Diane was amazing at the part. "Men, or homo sapiens are the most vicious of all woodland creatures. They will kidnap women without second thought and force them to clean, cook, and wait on them hand and foot. Then after a long time, they will leave their women to find a younger and more attractive woman, leaving you...TO DIE!" I don't remember the quote exactly, but it went something like that...yeah...funny funny. So yes, after that, I went home for a bit, TRIED to take a nap, but unfortunately, I was in the house with my mother and brother, which makes naps impossible. Then, my brother literally threw me out of bed, made me change into my sexy costume *cough*, and then we drove to Casti, which took about 45 minutes due to traffic (not in the Shakespeare sense...English people, you get what I mean). Then, I got there, ripped my tights, borrowed Hanna's...lent Anna my pink shirt...we performed, where our sound got cut off in the middle, which was a bit strange-sounding. But yes, overall, the show was good, so now we can hopefully build another school in we have tomorrow's show, and then the money we make will be doubled, and then sent to Save the Children. Oh and btw, those guys from Eastside really know how to dance! And the girls too. It's so funny, you can totally tell the difference between the Casti and Eastside girls. We're so preppy compared to them, it's a bit sad (for us). So here I am now, at home, I just had Indian food, and my voice is deadish, but I'm happy...just exhausted. Oh by the way...FACT OF THE DAY: A MALE KANGAROO IS CALLED A BOOMER. SOS people esp Andrea COUGH, you sense the double meaning, no? Haha Andrea that was so funny...we're boom buddies! We go boom! Okey dokey, anyway, my brother wants the computer...I want my I will be leaving now. In the wise words of Mel and Parisa: Long live Kurt Cobain, and beware of bunnies.
-Bisous, Dasha

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wow, a very interesting day things were normal for most of the day, and then, some weird things happened, and then I felt like an evil person, and then I felt like a better person, so yes, it was all very strange. I hope you enjoyed my friends' wonderful post earlier...except now, even though this post is about 3 sentences long, I gotta go to dinner. I'll post later today though. Mwah! -The Dashinator

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Ok, so the moment you've been waiting for...I'm here with...ANAN, ADRIENNE, NICOLA, MEL, AND MEREDITH! So now, I'm going to pass the keyboard onto them and let them say a few words;

Mel: howdy partners! it's elmo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv this song! dodododododododo!

MEREDITH: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so funny. even dasha thinks so. so U SHOULD TOO! dasha and i bond over things like bitchy 10 year olds. who are evil. if u want to be evil to her ask me for her sn or dasha. me first. backkick91 so IM ME

Nikki: Hola !!!!!!

Anan: I'm not saying anything. I'm miming typing. meredith is actually typing. MUHAAAAAAAA-Nikki

Adrienne: Commenting on everyone else's posts; Wow. Some people have been sneaking into their mom's medicine cabnets -cough- Meredith -end cough- Anyways, my sn is Adrio83. I always like new stalkers. If I block you don't be offended.... much. Knowing the people Dashita hangs around with... -stares at you- Anyways, Flash Animation calls for me. Bai.

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Okay, well, I feel better today! Except I'm so, so tired. Five hours of sleep for the past couple's beginning to add up. I always feel like collapsing, or just closing my eyes on the spot, but obviously, since most of my time is spent in school, none of those "actions" are options. I have a pretty big school work load right now. Math test on Friday, history essay due Friday, big English project due Monday, AWAH perfomances on Friday and Saturday night, Rikki tech rehearsal on Thursday evening, then performances on Friday and Saturday morning, music on Sunday morning, AWAH dress rehearsal which I probably have to skip on Thursday evening, plus CM exams coming up, and yes, I think that's it...oy vey. Ah well, I'll stop moaning like an annoying moaning person and deal. So yes...chapter 11 still has not been approved or rejected, which is very frustrating, but it's a very exciting chapter full of Meredith's wonderful schemes and ideas! I also made it about twice as long as a normal chapter. We're reading Romeo and Juliet in English right now, which is very fun of course. I absolutely adore Shakespeare, plus acting, therefore acting Shakespeare is very enjoyable for me. Guys and Dolls is also getting really fun. I really wish I had gotten Sky, but Nathan's fun too. He just barely has anything to sing, but ah well, all's good. Well I better get started with my devoirs, so tata! Oh, and Anna: Bes-toi. Petasse! hahahaha. Okay, leaving.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Well, guess what people...I am a bitch! That's right. And not in a "i just turned into a dog" way or in a "i'm someone's bitch" way. In a "Oh god i am so mean" way. I won't elaborate right now...or public, but yes, just wanted to clarify that. So yes...just had Rikki rehearsal...did I already mention that I was a bitch? So yes, nothing else new at all. I watched Idol a bit...should be a good season. Well I have absolutely nothing else to say except to emphasize the fact that I am a...SAY IT WITH ME PEOPLE...bitch. And NOT proud of it. Okay, you must all beat me when I see you next. Bye.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

And yet another funny thing!

Backkick91: i dont have any graph paper
Backkick91: so i had to find some on the internet

Ah, the wit of meredith.

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Something I thought was kinda funny...

Kneazle731: you know, sometimes i just don't understand you men
WinsloW182: yeah
WinsloW182: we're difficult
Kneazle731: very
WinsloW182: almost as bad as girls
Kneazle731: nah, you can't get to that level

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Yet another wonderful conversation between my dear brother and I:
Kneazle731: hey
Habib bin Bombin: yo
Kneazle731: sup homie G
Habib bin Bombin: que pasa
Kneazle731: uh
Kneazle731: moi bien gracias?
Kneazle731: except not
Habib bin Bombin: shii foo, aint nothin goin on
Kneazle731: because i banged my head ad back yesterday
Kneazle731: during rehearsal
Kneazle731: so now, PAIN
Habib bin Bombin: how you happen to do that
Kneazle731: attempting to do a gymnastics move
Habib bin Bombin: nice
Habib bin Bombin:
check out my profile
Kneazle731: uh
Kneazle731: i dont get it
Habib bin Bombin: it's a reply from my professor
Habib bin Bombin: i sent him a conceptual outline of my thesis paper
Habib bin Bombin: that was his reponse
Habib bin Bombin: it was very encouraging :-)
Habib bin Bombin: want me to send it to you?
Kneazle731: its it good?
Habib bin Bombin: is what good
Kneazle731: the paper, dolt
Habib bin Bombin: i havent written it yet
Habib bin Bombin: what i sent him
Kneazle731: oh...
Kneazle731: is you routline
Kneazle731: right
Kneazle731: smart me
Habib bin Bombin: was my idea and the logic around it and what i'm trying to say
Kneazle731: what subject?
Habib bin Bombin: not even the outline..a conceptual outline
Habib bin Bombin: umm, kinda hard to answer what subject
Kneazle731: is this the good looking teacher?
Habib bin Bombin: yes
Kneazle731: haha
Habib bin Bombin: the only class i have without him is my comedy one
Kneazle731: oh
Kneazle731: do you like him though?
Habib bin Bombin: yeah, actually
Habib bin Bombin: besides being totally hot
Habib bin Bombin: he's an excellent teacher
Habib bin Bombin: and a really smart and funny guy
Habib bin Bombin: actually
Habib bin Bombin: he really reminds me of myself
Kneazle731: you mentioned that
Kneazle731: lol
Habib bin Bombin: like the jokes he makes are jokes i would make
Habib bin Bombin: and the way he acts
Habib bin Bombin: very dorky and kinda lost half the time
Kneazle731: very you!
Habib bin Bombin: i agree!
Habib bin Bombin: i think we even look alike, kexcept he's taller
Kneazle731: well
Kneazle731: that's not a very difficult feat to achieve :-)
Habib bin Bombin: i know
Habib bin Bombin: but like, he's a good height
Habib bin Bombin: like 6 6'1 something like tat
Habib bin Bombin: nice body too ;-)
Kneazle731: andrew, if you want to talk about your feelings, i'm all ears, or in this case, eyes....
Habib bin Bombin: haha
Kneazle731: i know how it can feel to be pressured by society into thinking that homosexuality is a bad thing
Habib bin Bombin: yeah, i have a crush on him
Kneazle731: oh good!
Kneazle731: i'm glad you're so open!
Habib bin Bombin: hey
Habib bin Bombin: double the options ;-)
Kneazle731: *sigh*
Habib bin Bombin: what
Kneazle731: nechevo
Habib bin Bombin: eto pravelna nechevo
Habib bin Bombin: dura
Kneazle731: :-(
Kneazle731: predurak
Habib bin Bombin: hehe
Habib bin Bombin: predura
Kneazle731: is that a word?
Habib bin Bombin: i dont think so
Kneazle731: well then shush
Habib bin Bombin: ubyu
Kneazle731: nyet
Habib bin Bombin: nyet? a kak ti mena ostanovish?
Kneazle731: uh...
Kneazle731: i'll get back to you on that
Habib bin Bombin: eto pravelna
Kneazle731: da

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Sunday, February 06, 2005

So, I just got back from Rikki rehearsal about a half hour ago. I think I damaged my kidneys...I was trying to do this move where I reach backwards against the wall and grab my ankles, except I slipped on my pants, and my head banged into the floor, and I banged the place right where my kidneys supposedly are. So yes, pain. My costume is very interesting. I hate wearing leotards and haven't had to do so since I quit rhythmic which was about 2 or 3 years ago. My Chuchundra costume is pretty cute though...I get a furry shirt, and a tail, and little ears, and I might put whiskers on, which I think will be funny. I know my lines now completely, which is good. So yes, not much new stuff going on still. I've been listening to my Phantom CD which is just absolutely amazing, as was the movie.

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Not much new has been going on...Andrew came home for a bit today, and yes, get ready for it...he brought my CD! So yes, good job Andrew! I didn't do much so far today...violin lesson (ugh), a bunch of writing, some photoshop, reading, running, thinking, talking...
Oh how wonderful and interesting is the mystery that is my life. I know.
Wait, I think that was bad whatever. I am not in the mood or the position to work on my grammar, because grammar is school, and all schooly things are evil. But anyway, not much has been going on, as I think I already said. I'm working on chapter 11 of my fic...hopefully that will get good reviews. Still having major friendship issues, or rather, one major friendship issue which will probably never be solved, but I'm trying anywho. I know I've said this oh, about a million times, but I'm going to say it again. To all those wonderful heroes who I call friends: Each and every one of you is amazing person. My life would shrivel up without you, and you bring joy to me every time I hear your voices or see you. You are all the most compassionate, intelligent, interesting and trustworthy people I have ever met and will ever meet. You are all my heroes, and I love you to death. Mwah!
Okay, now that I've been sweet and loving, I'm going to post a poem which I think I've already posted up here, but I like it anyway. It's evil, but I like it anyway, even if I did kinda steal part of one of the lines from an Offspring song...

Where the prospect’s black and bleak
Only I know where to seek
I have money, I have style
What I lack I make up in denial
For me the power’s outside and in
And nothing I do is considered a sin
I am wicked, it is true
I know how to cast and brew
All you angels sleeping sound
Skipping on the dainty ground
You know nothing of the great
Strength which I can levitate
From the Wicked, you do cower
You are hidden from my power
I can squash you with closed eyes
It is I, as Goddess, who will arise.

So I obviously wrote it as a tribute to the four, but none of you know what I'm talking about except maybe 3 of you, one of whom is not reading this. And by the way, the Offspring part is "I make up in denial," which I think is from "Pretty fly for a white guy" but it might be from Original Prankster or Bad Habit. Eh, I don't know, whatever. Okay, mumsy is calling me to go eat, so eat I shall. Toodles from the Dster/Dashinator/Dashafy/Dasherino/Mrs. Dash.

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