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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hello all, it is I, Dasha, obviously, as this is my, Dasha's, blog, and you are reading it, because you love me, as all people do. I finished my homework today, so yay, except I still must study for my dear ol' French test. I'm also proud for running 3 miles on the treadmill today! Yes, go Dasha. Anyway...
Hung out at Talia's last night through this morning. We went to the Benjaminsons where Talia and I watched Sex in the city with David. I'd never actually seen that show up till yesterday night. Dress rehearsal for Rikki tomorrow. Should be fun! I have a leotard with sweats over it, and then I have to take those sweats off, put other ones on top, and put a shirt over the LONG-SLEEVED leo. Not cool. At all. Yeah...Andrew's coming tomorrow, which is cool, and you better bring my CD dammit! So yes...Morgan, I will kill your blog, because it is evil and has inappropriate content in it. Also, you will never, NEVER, EVER convince me to like football, so HA! Ok, well I have to go, or else I will flood my bathroom with the aroma therapy bath I am filling up. Tata!

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Friday, February 04, 2005

I'm in a better mood today. It's sooo awesome to have friends around...I love you guys so damn much! Anyway, done with my emotional moment now...
Anna and I might go to the Lacy dance today if all works out well, which is cool. Jubee and I didn't win for athletic, but that's because some sevies won, since they have more people in the grade. Ah well, don't really care. Writing the speech 5 minutes before we had to give it was fun though! Well, I gotta go do stuff now if I want to make it to the dance vous aime mes amis!


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Thursday, February 03, 2005

You know how I'm never sad or depressed?
And if I am, I never tell people?
Well, MEH!
I am sad and depressed.
Except not the kind where I go around cutting and telling everyone.
I lost a good friend today.
Not as in death.
But as in they hate my guts.
For something I did not do.
Several things actually.
And I don't blame them for not believing some stuff I said.
Even if it was true.
But if they read this.
Which is unlikely as they have blocked me.
I want them to know that I miss them, care about them, and love them.
(In a good way.)
Even if they never forgive me.
For stuff I did not do.
Today was the first day I came close to crying ever since 5th grade actually.
So yes.
Very sad.
Am in a bad mood.
Other people think I am bad now.
Because they think I did things I did not do.
Must go.
-A very distressed D

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am MAD. My AIM won't sign on as me, and it is sad. It will let me sign on under many other screen names, but NO, not kneazle. Stupid, prejudiced dumb thing...oh wait! It worked! Just now! Yay me! Except it worked wrong...because now it says no one is on...which cannot be cellphones cannot sign off...but wait...IT WORKED...WOOT! But, alas, NO! It won't let me IM ANYONE. WHY ARE COMPOOPERS SO EVIL?! *Bangs computer against various solid objects. Throws computer out window.* Okay, I'm TRYING to sign on again. I think it might not work though, since my computer is now outside and banged up. And NOW, it randomly closed itself on me. So I'm trying AGAIN. Wait...I THINK IT WORKS!
O...M...G...I am pissed off. Why are my supposed friends blocking me and not talking to me at school?
Ok anyway. My life:
Academic Life: Pretty good
Social life with friends: All good except for one terrible exception
Love life: A bit confusing...not bad though
Extracurricular life: Good
Family life: Uh...

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