The British Know How to Live
Saturday, January 29, 2005

pooky lives on: I am cheese. Fear Me.
Kneazle731: OH NO.....
pooky lives on: Oh Yes
Kneazle731: i am full of fear.
pooky lives on: I'm glad!
Kneazle731: For the evil cheese is near
pooky lives on: True, so true!
Kneazle731: Oh, do you have the four by the way?
Kneazle731: We must kill off BLANK! MUAHAHAHAHA
pooky lives on: No....
pooky lives on: I have nothing..
Kneazle731: Oh poop
pooky lives on: But go ahead and kill kill kill!
pooky lives on: And torchure
Kneazle731: I have some of it, but I don't think I have the whole thing so far...
pooky lives on: (sp?)
Kneazle731: I feel evil....MUAHAHA
Kneazle731: torture
pooky lives on: That is one weird word!
Kneazle731: I SHOULD be torchure
Kneazle731: but no, it just HAS to be torture
pooky lives on: Really. It should.
pooky lives on: Lets make it torchure
pooky lives on: From now on...
pooky lives on: It is TORCHURE!
Kneazle731: indeed
Kneazle731: we are evil geniuses
pooky lives on: Woohoo and Double Woot Squared!
Kneazle731: No...cubed!
pooky lives on: (Thats the smart part? :-P)
pooky lives on: !!
pooky lives on: I mean.. *!
pooky lives on: AHHHH!
Kneazle731: Annie...
pooky lives on: My computer is taking over the world!
pooky lives on: Its quite upsetting...
pooky lives on: And HUH?
pooky lives on: Bug? I am not a bug...
Kneazle731: or not
Kneazle731: you have...
pooky lives on: I am a cheese...
Kneazle731: oh no...
pooky lives on: A poor little cheese...
pooky lives on: Oh no?
Kneazle731: TAKE IT AWAY
pooky lives on: I understand not?
Kneazle731: IT IS SCARY
pooky lives on: AH!
Kneazle731: I FEAR IT
pooky lives on: AH HA!
Kneazle731: noooooooooo
pooky lives on: Fear me, if you dare!
Kneazle731: the PAIN
pooky lives on: BWA HA HA!
Kneazle731: it BURNS
Kneazle731: it SCREAMS
pooky lives on: I am... (dun dun dun) the CHEESE!
pooky lives on: lol
Kneazle731: =-O
Kneazle731: guess what...
pooky lives on: :-P
pooky lives on: What?
Kneazle731: I'm done with my homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pooky lives on: OMG!
Kneazle731: woot yay
pooky lives on: I'm 1/2 way done!
pooky lives on: lol
Kneazle731: oh, by the way, anna has invented a new miraculous word
Kneazle731: it is....
pooky lives on: I just have some history
Kneazle731: QUIBBLE BOB
pooky lives on: What does it mean?
Kneazle731: I don't know!
Kneazle731: But I like it anyway!
pooky lives on: Um... Great....
pooky lives on: I Boo Hiss it
Kneazle731: Noooo
pooky lives on: lol
Kneazle731: the quibble bob has powers the which the cheese knows not...
Kneazle731: btw, do you want me to email you the four which i have?
pooky lives on: The Cheese shall TORCHURE you for saying that!
pooky lives on: BWA HA HA!
Kneazle731: uh oh
pooky lives on: And sure
Kneazle731: okeydokey
Kneazle731: it's 38 pages long
pooky lives on: :-)
Kneazle731: yay and woot
pooky lives on: Long Long!
pooky lives on: The sky is singing....
pooky lives on: Oh dear... :-(
Kneazle731: is that bad?
Kneazle731: i think it's bad...
pooky lives on: Boohoo... Double Woot and tears...
pooky lives on: :-(
Kneazle731: :-(
Kneazle731: oh bother
pooky lives on: Save us from the sky!
pooky lives on: AHHHHH!
Kneazle731: it is coming to kill the CHEESE and QUIBBLE BOB
pooky lives on: *cheese runs away screaming*
Kneazle731: *quibble bob bounces away singing "quibble quibble"
pooky lives on: *eats quibble bob* :-)
Kneazle731: :-(
pooky lives on: lol
Kneazle731: harumph
pooky lives on: *is quite evil and scary. rather mad*
Kneazle731: est-ce que tu aimes mon profile?
pooky lives on: Je ne sais pas....
Kneazle731: regarde!
pooky lives on: D'accord!
Kneazle731: merci...:-D
pooky lives on: C'est tres simple...
Kneazle731: mais, c'est amusant, non?
pooky lives on: Oui :-)
Kneazle731: j'ai vu becoming part 1 et 2 aujourd'hui
Kneazle731: :-)
pooky lives on: J'adore becoming!
Kneazle731: parce que je n'avais pas quelquefois que je voulais faire.
pooky lives on: Mais au'jourdui (excuse the spelling) je n'ai pas season deux
Kneazle731: pourquoi?
Kneazle731: ou est-il?
pooky lives on: avec emily
pooky lives on: I sold it to her :-P
Kneazle731: ah, oui!
Kneazle731: et tu ne l'achete encore?
pooky lives on: Je vais acheter le season deux, mais....
pooky lives on: C'est trop cher :-(
Kneazle731: mais oui...:-(
pooky lives on: mais oui....
Kneazle731: je vais acheter ca pour ton anniversaire!
Kneazle731: c'est quand?
Kneazle731: fevrier, non?
pooky lives on: Oh! Merci beaucoup!
pooky lives on: Oui, le 20 fevrier!
Kneazle731: oui!
pooky lives on: :-)
Kneazle731: je peux acheter ca pour toi!
Kneazle731: brb..
pooky lives on: k!
Kneazle731: je suis retourne!
Kneazle731: youppi!
pooky lives on: WOOPI!
pooky lives on: Like a cushin!
Kneazle731: cushion....
Kneazle731: :-)
pooky lives on: Cushin
Kneazle731: ok fine
pooky lives on: God Dasha....
pooky lives on: lol
Kneazle731: it's cushin now
Kneazle731: and your name is annee
pooky lives on: I am right. Anyone who disagrees is stupid
Kneazle731: exactly
pooky lives on: And my name is Pushkin
pooky lives on: Pushkin Cheese
Kneazle731: oh he was a famous russian writer!
Kneazle731: pushkin!
pooky lives on: Really?
Kneazle731: yep!
pooky lives on: Who would have guessed!
Kneazle731: and poet
Kneazle731: from the 1800s
pooky lives on: I'm a Cheese
pooky lives on: Sorry to burst your bubble
pooky lives on: Oh, and btw..
pooky lives on: Pooky Lives On!
pooky lives on: HEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHE *runs away laughing like lunatic*
Kneazle731: BLEH
Kneazle731: AND MEH
Kneazle731: AND NYEH
pooky lives on: What for?
Kneazle731: I see a little silhouetto of a man
Scaramouch, scaramouch
Kneazle731: yay
pooky lives on: What has earned Meyiness? Scaramouch?
pooky lives on: I understand not
pooky lives on: not
pooky lives on: not...
Kneazle731: not not but not
pooky lives on: Of course. Not.
pooky lives on: Not?
pooky lives on: Fear Not. Except of the Cheese.
pooky lives on: Is Dasha ignoring me?
Kneazle731: yes
Kneazle731: i am
Kneazle731: i am ignoring you
pooky lives on: Stupid Quibble Bob
Kneazle731: no, anna is quibble bob
Kneazle731: and i am still ignoring you
pooky lives on: I shun you with my shunning powers!
Kneazle731: i feel shunned now
pooky lives on: And FINE! BEEEEE that way!
pooky lives on: I'm leaving!
pooky lives on: :-P
pooky lives on: No, but really.... Really needing a shower right about now....
Kneazle731: no no no!
Kneazle731: don't be bad...
pooky lives on: As a side note, however, maybe you could come over next Friday, if I can get out of soccer....
Kneazle731: oh! oh! oh!
Kneazle731: YAY!
pooky lives on: *crosses fingees and toessees*
Kneazle731: HAPPY HAPPY!
Kneazle731: if you want
Kneazle731: actually
pooky lives on: :-)
pooky lives on: What?
Kneazle731: anna and i might go to the movies tonight, so you can come too!
Kneazle731: if you can
Kneazle731: except anna might not go
pooky lives on: lol
Kneazle731: but she might
Kneazle731: so i dunno, but you can!
pooky lives on: I actually think my grandma is coming tonight or something...
pooky lives on: plus mes devoirs, which I must finish
Kneazle731: oh right
Kneazle731: go now
Kneazle731: work
Kneazle731: and get squeaky cleane
pooky lives on: (history is huge since no one wants to help me... :-( )
Kneazle731: cheese person
Kneazle731: :-(
pooky lives on: Cheese.
Kneazle731: evil people
pooky lives on: :-(
Kneazle731: yes, cheese
pooky lives on: Evil
pooky lives on: Like ham
Kneazle731: yes, ham is very evil
pooky lives on: Must clean, but I'll see you on monday... and possilby the Fry day (where we shall cook the hams!)
pooky lives on: Maybe.
Kneazle731: YAY
Kneazle731: okey dokers
pooky lives on: :-) Byes!
Kneazle731: toodles cheese

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lalalala...nothing new has been going on. Anna was over yesterday, as most of the world most likely knows by now. She got the most adorable haircut yesterday, so you all must see it. I've been practicing G&D lines too, because really there is nothing else to do, and look, I just made a rhyme! Okay, I'm feeling delirious...I need some coffee. Ugh...I slept in too much today. I just got up about half an hour ago, and I'm still in my PJs :). Oh, I forgot to mention this...MY BROTHER BROUGHT BACK MY WARNING CD! He's had it for about 4 years now, ever since he gave it to me (and took it away) for my 9th or 10th birthday. Uh...not much else has been going story has been updated up to chapter 10, and I'm working on chapter 11...Meredith gave me a great idea, which I'm finding a bit hard and disturbing to put into words, but at least it will provide my story with a bit of excitement. So yeah, that's actually all I have to say for now, which is not much, so I'm gonna go get myself some coffee if I want to live through the y'alls! ~Dashy~

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Friday, January 28, 2005

A glamourous tale brought to us by Anna big quibble bob
Kneazle731: once upon a time there was a FATAsS monekuy
Kneazle731: monkey
Kneazle731: he never heard the word EW
Kneazle731: until ONE DAY... a little chick named burby came over and poked his quibble bob
Kneazle731: but wait! there's MORE!
Kneazle731: want to hear it?
Kneazle731: *laughs out loud*
WinsloW182: yes
Kneazle731: ohkay.
Kneazle731: so his quibble bob bounced around, then fell off
Kneazle731: and guess WHAT
Kneazle731: there is... LESS
Kneazle731: and then
Kneazle731: a new quibble bob hopped along and RAPED THE MONKEY
WinsloW182: in the ass?
Kneazle731: YEAH
Kneazle731: cuz it's a bOY moneky, n'est-ce pas?
Kneazle731: FRENCH
Kneazle731: oOo
WinsloW182: that's the best way
Kneazle731: hell yeah
Kneazle731: but GEUSS WHATIE?
Kneazle731: there's MORE
Kneazle731: wanna hear?
Kneazle731: (Btw this is still ALL anna)_
WinsloW182: ok
Kneazle731: do you crap in the stall or the sink?

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this is anna. pretending to be dasha.

dasha: i would like to thank the beautiful goddess of sex, anna, for helping me w/ the HTML on teh template of this website. since she is so FUCKING HOT, i will promptly hand over dan radcliffe teh minute he meets me.

mwah. the end.

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Anna: Hock. Welcome to the Show. Quibble blob. Oob. Nice to meet you.
Dasha: (ANNA typed that word! isn't she cool? isn't her IQ so high?!) (and guess what else? anna typed those other words too? i mean, WOW.) okay so hi. this is us. us is we. we are as us. and having fun. --
Anna, interjecting: Yin yang! Oob.
Dasha: i'm molesting anna's back.
Anna: MM. tasyness. or tastiness, i don't like tasers. they scare me. want to know why? well i'll TELL YOU so don't freak out or anything! i don't like them because... they are taser-iffic! ifffic. oob.
Dasha: guess what you get when you put a b infront of oob...
Anna: gee, i don't get it dasha. could you maybe EXPLAIN IT to me?
Dasha: you get baloob. because i didnt say you put only b in. i said b. WHICH MEANS I CAN PUT OTHER STUFF IN TOO. SO MUAHAHAH.
Anna: you can't win in this world. just say it, dasha. you want my body.
Dasha: i want my body.
Anna: i like that in a woman.
Dasha: enya is one sexy piece of man.
... (pauseiness)
Anna: like MENOPAUSE! ha ha ha. no seriously. get your cheek off my cheek, if you *know what i mean.*
Dasha: did you know that FOM pillows are multitaskable? yeah, they can be boobs AND buttcheeks.
Anna: we discovered that today. for a more extensive list of the uses of the FOM pillow, contact anna. or dasha. more importantly anna, because she is so much cooler.
Dasha: guess what...
Anna: what?
Anna: oob! ha ha ha. ahh. ahhhh. aaahhhhhh... oo dasha not here, not where people can READ it... ooooooooooh. yum. lick. bite. rawr.
Anna: *falls over, out cold* grgeubbles. chickumdips. lippelnips. ackelpoosie. spencerisasexgod.
Dasha: as is matt shelton...
Anna: hotness. how could i EVER forget matt???? *cries*
Dasha: he gives me orgies just thinking about it... btw anna you're out cold right now so no talking.
Anna: *wakes up REALLY FAST* ha ha! i win! you lose! kiss my ass.
Dasha: guess're right. anna's SITTING ON MY LEG! YAY! OOO....
Anna: that's what i'm talking about. rawr.
Dasha: ok we must go watch billie joe make out with other men...
Anna: good plan. oOo. oob. quibble bib.
Dasha: ok so remember. in the wise words of talia: ONLY FUCK DURING A WAR. BYE.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hey everyone! So, we got our parts for Guys and Dolls, and I'm...NATHAN! It's a great part as far as the lines go, but as for singing, not so excellent. Anyway, still happy about that. We're working on Rikki Tikki Tavi at PYT. I think that play has decreased the ability of movement in my knees. They're all black and blue and icky, but ah well, still fun. So, things are a bit confusing for me right now...people have been telling me stuff which I don't believe and which is a bit strange, but yeah...Also, got a fever today, which sucked, because now I have to retake the English essay. Or actually, take it, since I haven't taken it at all yet. This week is a pretty good week grade-wise for history and science anyway. History: A on test (100!), Science: A- on final! So woot for me! Anna helped me (which means she did it all) with the beautifying of my blog, so yes, go do things on it. Such as chatterbox things. And link-clicking things. Yep, that's about it for now I think...Tata, and remember: (brought to you by Annie without her knowing because I have nothing better to remind you of) POOKY LIVES ON! Kisses to all.

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