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Friday, January 21, 2005

So, today we had our first Judy Moody performance! Despite Emma's and my beliefs that we were going to totally screw up, we did quite well with almost no mistakes, so yay for us. Surprisingly enough, my third grade teacher was there with her students during our first performance, and she started randomly waving to me in the middle...that was a bit distracting. Then, at the end, when she came up to talk to me, she was surprised that I was not, in fact, in college yet. So anyway, yep, it's good fun. Theatre people are awesome...except for maybe one particular person who we will not be talking about. Musicals are starting soon and I have absolutely no clue what to sing for auditons. I was somewhat disheartened by my mother's pronouncement that I cannot sing for life, but ah well, life goes on. Not much new besides that though...I feel like a ball of achiness right now. I ran like 3 miles yesterday, and now I can barely move. Le beau stature: zero. And lovin it. Ish. I finished season 7, and despite everyone's beliefs, I did not cry when Spike died! I cried when Xander talked to Andrew about Anya's death, and when he said "That's my girl." Very. very emotional...*tear.* Okay, so, I shall go now...yeah...yay...woot...bleh...bye.

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