The British Know How to Live
Saturday, January 08, 2005

Kneazle731: *beats papers with stick*
Kneazle731: *attempts are fruitless*
bayernmunchen373: *sticks in paper shredder*
bayernmunchen373: *success*
Kneazle731: *does the same*
Kneazle731: *paper shredder is unplugged*
Kneazle731: *shit*
bayernmunchen373: *tell teachers little sister ate hw*
Kneazle731: *tells teacher older brother who is away at college ate homework*
bayernmunchen373: *teacher asks why*
bayernmunchen373: *i kill teacher*
bayernmunchen373: lol
bayernmunchen373: that is great
Kneazle731: *teacher kills me*

posted at 4:19 PM
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