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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I had the BEST day today, mainly because I finally saw my baby Talia! And she's going out with BLANK again. (See how I snidely inserted the BLANK there hon?) But anyway, we were both upset because her parents are MEAN, and we went to lunch at this adorable Japanese place. Then we went and saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which turned out to be very, very good actually. Brad Pitt is often judged based on his looks, but he really is a good actor, despite the common thought that he is only liked for his beautifulness. Angelina Jolie is gorgeous, and she played the part of Mrs. Smith well. It's so annoying! How come she ALWAYS manages to look good? I want to look like her...but I don't really want to be like her, what with the sleeping with brother thing. omg, I forgot to say, right before the movie, we were walking to the theatre, and we were standing at the crosswalk and the little green man lit up, but there was a woman in her car crossing the crosswalk, so Talia meant to say this quietly, but she yelled out by accident "MOVE OVER LADY BITCH!" It was soooo funny, and then it turned out that the lady's window was open. I laughed so effing hard my stomach fell off. Oh, and also, before at her house, as I said her parents were being evil, so she opened a picture of her mom and dad and was like "There's the whore and there's the devil!" It was sooo funny. Ugh I miss you Talichkins! I hadn't seen you since April 2nd before today! No matter where you go, you'll get into Columbia and become an amazing OBGYN or journalist or whatever you want to be, because you're beautiful and brilliant! We also made videos of each other where I did a duck dance to Britney Spears and Japanese techno, and Talia shook her butt like a crazy person and told me the story of her life. After the movie, we went to Maido and got stuff and Talia tried to pay in all coins but I wouldn't let her, so you owe me 3 bucks Talichkins. Anywho, I need to go tend to me retarded big toes which were taken off due to genetic defects and replaced with a robot toe and then all bandaged up and unbandaged, so now I have to bandage them. Omg I HATE my mom. She didn't even say hi to me when she came home. Just started criticizing me and telling me how i"ve screwed up in life, and now she's calling me a bitch and yelling.

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