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Monday, June 20, 2005

so yesterday, we had my grandma's 81st birthday party, and today's her real birthday! happy birthday babushka! i love you (and your cooking) more than life itself! since my camera broke on the way to france, we returned it and got a new one, and i love it, and i'm going picture crazy! i just downloaded like 200 pictures i took at the party (as well as videos of my brother wacking my cousin alex on the ass with a badminton racket). it's so fun! katie's sleeping over today, and i'm so excited, cuz i haven't seen her since promotion, and she's my little katie kates and i love her so much! also in two days, talia's coming over, which is beyond awesome, since i haven't seen her since the kehillah dance i think which was on april 2nd, and she still hasn't seen my beauteous haircut which i got at the end of april! oh, and just for the 411, i'm wearing this adorable dress which i got in france right now. it's olive green and all cute, and anna and shelley and i got matching ones. well shelley and i did but hers is orange, and anna's is really similar. anyway. i went to bed at like 5:30 pm yesterday and woke up at 3 am, and i had nothing to do, so i photoshopped stuff and did camera stuff and other stuff and ate and stuff. also i watched hp 1 and 2 yesterday and today. i might watch the third one before katie comes over, although i do need to clean up if i don't want some serious mother ass kicking (as in my mother kicking my ass). i ran two miles today which is cool, except i was really 16 minutes...or maybe even 17, i don't remember. i really don't wanna go to camp newman. meh. idka ditched me, so now i have to go alone. i really wanna go to talin, estonia instead with my great aunt to visit alina. i miss you so much girl! we're leaving for israel on saturday, and i get to bring my computer and stuff. i'm so freaked out of flying though, esp since i had that dream in france that our plane was gonna crash, and even though it didn't, our landing was so freaky. i think our pilot didn't go low enough in the beginning, so he decided to make up for it by dropping like 8 times. everyone on the plane was freaking out and like "OMG WE'RE GONNA CRASH." and erin was like " you remember which part we crashed during? cuz i'm kinda freaked right now." anyway. that's all for now. katie kates and i will be sure to post some entertainment for yall. ta all.

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