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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Well I'm BACK FROM THE FRENCH TRIP. I know, I should have let people know I was actually gone for nine days, so oops. Omg there are so many funny when I came up to Ms. Lau and I was about to poke her in the stomach because I thought she was Shelley. And then Shelley and Anna and I decided to play Marco Polo in the Louvre, because we thought the Casti ppl were the only ones in that exhibit. So I was Marco, and I had my sweater over my eyes, and Anna shouted Polo, except I ran the wrong way and wacked a random woman with my program because I thought she was Anna. Also, the three of us threw gummy bears out of our hotel window at random people, and it was SO MUCH FUN. There was this guy we almost hit who we named Dorky, and when he left, we were all sad, so Anna wrote a song for him and belted it out the window. Then, Anna hit a bunch of hot 16 year olds, and they were all like "Hey sexy thing. What floor are you on?" and Anna was like "82!!!" Then, we went downstairs to "get Anna's insulin" (actually more because we thought this 16 year olds had gone to the lobby, so we put on our new dresses, but they weren't there. This was at about 11 pm by the way. Then on the last day, we were in Versailles, and I lost my purse, so Shelley went with me to go get from the place I thought I left it while our group waited. Unfortunately, Shelley and I have a very bad sense of direction when it comes to navigation at Versailles. So obviously, we went in about 50 wrong directions until Shelley finally found the place. However, my purse wasn't there! We came up to a woman sitting on the bench where my purse was supposed to be, and I was like "J'ai perdu mon sac. Savez-vous où est-ce que je peux trouver le sécurité?" and she was like "English?" so it turned out she was this really nice Southern woman, and she showed us where the security was, and they had my purse. HOWEVER, it had been about an hour since we left, and our classmates were long gone. Two extremely pissed off teachers were waiting for us, thinking we had been kidnapped, and thus ends our tale. Well, I would say more, but I must go shower. Ta. oh and also, I woke up at 6 am this morning thinking of us 6 pm yesterday, so I ate an icecream cone and got really freaked out about where everyone was. Ok. Really ta now.

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