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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Well, since Meredith has no life and no friends, and is forcing me to update, I am, even though I feel like barfing at the moment, due to serious over-eating. So yesterday, Anna sent me a song called "All the Things she said" by a band called tatu, which is a Russian band with two lesbian girls. It's interesting. I like the russian versions of the song. Mainly cuz I can understand them, so it's really entertaining. Today we had our first final - english. I also dissected a fetal pig. and i did pretty well on that, but i don't know about english. i'm hella tired right now...i couldn't fall asleep last night. at all. it was so stupid. oh and i got one of the solos for our promotion and i really don't want it because i sound horrible singing in front of people when its not in a musical or with someone else. so ya, that was a disaster, and everyone thinks i suck, but congrats to anna for getting the other solo (which everyone knew she would because she is amazing). hanna shouldve auditioned though, cuz she's so good! and meredith and katie too. :( oh well. meh...well sorry mer, but i'm taking a nap, or else dasha will be dead tomorrow. ta.

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