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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

hi, Katie here. I just hacked into dasha's blog and am now about to tell you how sick men are after watching Stepford Wives.


ok done

Dasha: yeah, ok, dasha here. watching katie "hack" into my account before my eyes. i'm back baby (from jamaica.)

Katie: Boy, did she have fun there!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM me for details

Dasha: I can only say one word. um....what word.....

Katie: Make out???

Dasha: that's two words

Katie: Not if you spell it like this: makeout

Katie: HA

Dasha: You know, things like this are generally kept private...

Katie: Not if you tell me...

Dasha: FINE, go ahead tell the world. just make sure ---- doesnt get hold of this url

Katie: w/e just IM lme if you wanna find out the juicy secrets behind dasha's jamaican extravaganza

Dasha: Yeah...sure...

Katie: All i will say is that she had her tonsils licked by a 16-year old

Dasha: That's not exactly how I would put it, but Katie is speaking...Katie what are you speaking>?

Katie: english, you twit

Dasha: eat shit

Katie: ok

Katie: tastes soooooooo good.....want some?

Dasha: u know, i am mortally offended by that, seeing as we both like mud pie, means we have sort of similar tastes, and i would NEVER eat shit

Katie: wait....that sentence was too long. shorter, please

Dasha: fine, cavewoman. i am offended, b/c we both like mud pie, right?? so, we must like a lot of the same things, right? (to eat.) and if u think shit tastes good, that means that i might think shit tastes good, which is offensive

Katie: that was longer, but I got it. Deal with it, dude

Dasha: Can't even shout, can't even cry, the gentlemen are coming by. Looking in windows, knocking on doors, they need to take seven and they might take yours...

Katie: ok folks, we're gonna have to call it quits. see ya next time on the katie and dasha talk-a-thon

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