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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Hey guys! I'm still in Jamaica! Yamon! The number of elderly men who have hit on me and Jordan has increased. It is scary, seriously, but we're planning to mess with their heads later on anyway. (See Evil plans) I went sailing and snorkeling today. I nearly flipped the sailboat over 5 times, but the snorkeling was fun. I met a hot (30-year old) British guy with long, braided hair. Sadly, he was married, but his wife is awesome too. And I totally dig the accents lol. Wow, there is a very grumpy guy behind me who is having a very...fierce...conversation with his daughter, who is now having a tantrum. Haha this is hilar--I mean sad. Oh, and a very strange Belgian lesbian old couple decided to have a lovely conversation in French with me...none of which I understood. Also, my dear mother displayed herself to Jordan and her mom in a bathrobe without the slightest hint of embarrassment. I do not understand older women. Oh crap, only nine minutes left :(. I am starting to become enemies with the internet cafe. Oh well...I'm gonna leave now. Bye all. ~Dashy~

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Monday, December 20, 2004

Hey everyone! I only have 6 minutes left to write, as I am in an internet cafe in Jamaica, and was parousing other things on the wnderful invention called the "internet." Ok, 5 minutes. So, this is what has happened: got on two turbulent plane flights with absolutely no sleep. Met Russian family with very snobbish 15 year old son. Went to beach. Ate. Slept. Watched Buffy. Staye in room. Slept. Went to beach, where did not swim, but "relaxed" in immense heat. Watched POTC. Watched Buffy. Went to gym. Watched Buffy. Showered. Ate dinner. Went to bar. Came here. Voila, the wonderful things in Jamaica. This is, of course, excluding the perverted guys who hit on me and tried to get me to come on their jet skis with them...oh shit, 3 minutes. This is evil. Nine friggin bucks for half an hour. Oh, and for some friends-I'm sending you postcards later. When I figure out how to squish in your address and the postage stamp. Oh god, an old lady just took a picture of me sitting here. I have to go. Bye guys, I love you. And I miss theatre! Ok I'm done.

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