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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Hello all. So, tomorrow is our tech rehearsal, and then Friday and Saturday-our shows come on! Woot! I have a lot of make-up work from being sick, so this entry will be rather short, I am afraid. I don't have mono (yay), but it is still possible that I have Anemia and something else which I don't know about yet. So yes. Bad and good news. Humph. Vacation starts on Friday (!!!!) and I'm only going to be at school for the last long period of the day, which is science, because of Strega Nona. To Kill a Mockingbird is actually such a good book. I read it before when I was 10 or 11, but I think since I'm older now, it seems quite a bit better. My dad is getting me photoshop and illustrator off of ebay which is so exciting! Making peoples' faces look strange is simply bliss. Ok, must go, homework simply urgently calls.

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Happy Birthday to Nani and Sara! You guys are so old...
Anyway, not too much going on. It's Hanukah, so to all my Jewish friends, do not burn the house down with the Hanukiahs. Our play is this Friday and Saturday, so woot. Emily gave me Buffy Season 1! I love you Emily (not only because of that). At Nani's party, we watched Once More with Feeling, which has got to be oen of the best Buffy episodes. I mean, come on, it's a musical, and holy moly Spike is sooooooooo hot. Jo updated her webisite, which is all happy. Annie and Nani have sent me awesome photoshop thingies which are all my backgrounds on various computers. Anan, Ping and Andrew are SO getting married. My dad suggested inviting you guys over for dinner while my brother was home, so come to dinner. My mugglenet fanfic has 5 stars which is so awesome! Except Andrew just said he's not going out with Ping because she's my friend's sister, but we can work around that. Disown her or something. I know this is a really short post, but I must go watch season 1 with Mom.

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