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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Bounjour tous les amis! Comment ca va? Moi, je suis tres nul maintenant. A onze heures, j'ai fait du jogging au Stanford Dish, et apres, ma mere, mon pere et moi, nous sommes alles au Douce France. J'ai essaye jouer "Nothing Else Matters" au mon guitar, mais c'est difficile. D'accord, je vais arrete parler au francais.

Right, let me translate: Hello all my friends! How are you? I am very bored right now. At eleven o'clock, I jogged at the Stanford Dish, and after, my mom, my dad and I went to Douce France. I tried playing "Nothing Else Matters" on my guitar, but it's hard. Okay, I will stop speaking french.

Not too good, so the translation sounds quite stupid. But yes, I went jogging on the Stanford Dish today. It was amazing-the view is so beautiful, and I listened to my Ipod the whole time, so it was awesome. Guys, call me up and we can go jogging together! Yay! Then I got home, and I attempted to play Nothing Else Matters on my guitar, but I have never seen the notes before, so it was quite crappy. I'm really bored now, and am supposed to be cleaning, but instead, I am here, giving you all something to do. Jolly goodness. oh, and I don't know if I said this already, but insetad of England my dear nutcase of a mother (I love you mom, I really do :) mwah) decided to randomly go to Jamaica. She expressed this excitement by singing "Jamaaaaaaaica! Going to Jamaaaaaaica!" in a heavy Russian accent at the top of her lungs. Not pleasant. Ah I just got a killer headache all of a sudden. Hahaha my dad is outside looking for mikey who appears to have gotten stuck in a tree. Again. I swear that cat has major issues. He sleeps on my monitor all day, otherwise tries to climb up screen doors or interact with that other cat that lives in the mirror.
Okay, dad needs help with cat. Bye.

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Friday, December 03, 2004

I watched the first four episodes of season 7, and they are very deep and slightly depressing, mostly because of the fact that Spike got his soul back and is acting absolutely insane. I ditched...well I didn't ditch, I just didn't go to the party today, but ah well. By the way, do you like the new background? Anna helped me get it on, but even though I don't know ANY HTML, I managed to take away/add some stuff. Go me. Still needs working on though. Had theatre today...PACT. Our name is now Stagelights. Glorious. Well, it is nice actually, unlike my ideas: Slaves of the Stage and Into a Mask, the latter of which I do fancy. I found some ways to transfer music from CDs to Ipod but it keeps on cutting off parts of the song, take a long time, and....I had another criticism...ah well. Listen to the song "Key" by the "Devics." It is heard in Crush in season 5 when Dru and Spike dance. I like it, a very soulful, deep and good song. Yeah, well, I must go, or else my dad says my immune system will fail completely and I will die early in life. I adore you all. Almost all. Bubs Byes.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Kneazle731: dude
Habib bin Bombin: cho hosh (what do u want-slang)
Kneazle731: you're supposed to say true
Habib bin Bombin: why
Kneazle731: because
Kneazle731: thats how u talk to your friends
Habib bin Bombin: ok
Kneazle731: dude
Kneazle731: true
Habib bin Bombin: pravda (true)
Kneazle731: haha i get it!
Habib bin Bombin: maladetz (good job)
Kneazle731: ya znayu (i know)
Kneazle731: gavari samnoy! (talk to me)
Habib bin Bombin: gavaryu (talking)
Kneazle731: nye buts plahim (don't be bad)
Kneazle731: ty plahoy malchik (you're a bad boy)
Kneazle731: :-(
Kneazle731: ochen plahoy (very bad)
Habib bin Bombin: kak mayi koshechki (how are my kitties?)
Kneazle731: horoshinki (adorable)
Kneazle731: gizya speet (gizya is sleeping)
Kneazle731: mikey spal, nu shas kushayit (mikey was sleeping, but is now eating)
Habib bin Bombin: tolstiy (fatso)
Kneazle731: zatknis (cork yourself)
Kneazle731: on horoshinki (he's adorable)
Habib bin Bombin: !!
Habib bin Bombin: ubyu (i'll kill u)
Kneazle731: ya teba ubyu do tavo (i'll kill u first)
Habib bin Bombin: ne uspeyesh (u won't make it)
Habib bin Bombin: ya ochen bistriy (i'm very fast)
Kneazle731: nyet (no)
Kneazle731: ty medleni y tolstiy (you're slow and fat)
Kneazle731: y urodliviy (and ugly)
Habib bin Bombin: :-(
Kneazle731: da (yes)
Kneazle731: pravylna (right)
Habib bin Bombin: a u tyeba bolshaya zadnetza (well you have a big backside)
Kneazle731: u tyeba bolshe (yours is bigger)
Kneazle731: ya eezmerila (i measured)
Habib bin Bombin: no maya krasiveye (but mine is prettier)
Kneazle731: nyet (no)
Kneazle731: u teba urodlivaya (yours is ugly)
Kneazle731: u mena krasivaya (mine is pretty)
Habib bin Bombin: kak ti takoya mozhesh gavarit (how can u say this?)
Kneazle731: tak (like this)
Habib bin Bombin: maya zadnitza eto samayo krasivoyo sozdanya v istoria mira (my backside-it's the most beautiful substance in the history of the world)
Kneazle731: ty znayish shto eto eedot voy blog, da? (u know that this is going in my blog, yes?)
Habib bin Bombin: i vobshe v istoriye vsego (and actually in the history of everything)
Habib bin Bombin: no one reads your blog
Kneazle731: oy ty takoy! (so thats how it is!)
Kneazle731: yes they do
Kneazle731: zatknis apyats (cork yourself again)
Habib bin Bombin: ladna ladna izvenayus(fine fine i apologize)
Habib bin Bombin: po nastayashey (for real)
Kneazle731: hahahaha nyet (hahahaha no)
Habib bin Bombin: tolko durniy ludi bez mazgov chitayut tvoy blog (only stupid people without brains read your blog)
Kneazle731: vse togda (everyone then)
Kneazle731: kromye tyeba, da? (except you, yes?)
Kneazle731: loner
Kneazle731: nye kto tyeba nye lyubit (no one loves you)
Habib bin Bombin: mne eto ochen dazhe podhodit (thats actually very fine with me)
Habib bin Bombin: kromi gizi :-( (except for gizya :()
Kneazle731: ty balshoy loser (you're a big loser)
Habib bin Bombin: tak vso (thats it)
Habib bin Bombin: ti stala ochen zhostkoy (you've become very harsh)
Habib bin Bombin: ya domoi bolshe ne priezhayu (i'm not coming home anymore)
Kneazle731: da ty budish. shob vidit gizyu. nu ya tebe nye dam isli ty mena nye budish vidit (yes u will. to see gizya. but i wont let u if u wont see me.
Habib bin Bombin: nyet (no)
Habib bin Bombin: ya priedu paka ti v shkoli (i'll come while ur at school)
Habib bin Bombin: i zaberu mikey (i'll take mikey away)
Habib bin Bombin: i budu evo derzhat paka ti mne ne zaplatish decet tisich milliardov millionov dollorov (and i'll hold him until you dont pay me ten thousand gazillion trillion dollars)
Kneazle731: ty takoy durnoy (you're so stupid)
Kneazle731: ty nye smozhish mikey udzerzhats (you wont be able to hold mikey)
Habib bin Bombin: ya yevo zavezu (i'll tie him up)
Habib bin Bombin: kak kuritzu (like a chicken)
Kneazle731: ty takoy plahoy! (you're so bad!)
Kneazle731: tseba zabirut aspca (the aspca will take u)
Kneazle731: ya lyublyu daniela radcliffe (i love daniel radcliffe)
Kneazle731: on kraseevye chyem jennifer love hewitt (he's better looking than jennifer love hewitt)
Kneazle731: ana takaya urodlivaya (she's so ugly)
Habib bin Bombin: tak ti polnostyu mozgi poterala (so you completely lost your brains)
Kneazle731: oy ty takoy (so thats how it is!)
Kneazle731: mne nada iti (i have to go)
Kneazle731: dyelat uroki (do homework)
Kneazle731: idi naydi svoyi mozgi (go find your own brains)
Habib bin Bombin: nakanetzto (finally)
Habib bin Bombin: dumal ona nekogda ne uydot (i thought she would never leave.)

True sibling love, no?

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So, as most of you know, I have been sick like five trillion times, and despite all of my dad's special jokes about God hating me, the truth remains that science will probably have a better explanation. I need to get tested for Mono, as it is possible that I have it, so don't anybody come kissing me. ;-) Except for Dan Rad...
I also need to get tested for Anemia. Haha very funny story behind this. So, I don't have a knack with getting long medicinal names right, so when I come to math today, I say to Anna and Katie, "Guys, I need to get tested for Amnesia." And Anna gives me this really strange look as though I am mad, and Katie bursts out laughing. So I'm like "This isn't funny!" and Katie's like "Yes it is!" and I'm like "I might have low iron. That's really bad!" and Anna, who gives me another weird look but ignores my previous comment, says, "Amnesia? But why? I think your memory's fine..." and I'm like "Memory? Huh? Amnesia is when you have a low iron level..." and Anna and Katie kind of gave me another 'You're retarded' look and said, "No it's means you lost your memory due to some're talking about Anemia..." I was silent for a second, and then I was like, "Oh..." and we all burst out laughing. Tres funny. Also, Julia, Anan, Sara, Ally and I have recently started "The Order of the Black Coats." This came about when we all looked at each other, and realized we were all wearing black coats, which does kind of make us look like members of the mafia...but anywho, we are now the order of the black coats. I finished "The Gift" in Buffy, and nothing can compare to it. I have never cried so much over any movie or something like that in my life-even Becoming part 2 when Buffy kills Angel. So first, Spike says "I know you'll never love me, and I know I'm a monster, but you treat me like a man." which was all sweet. And then a bunch of stuff happens and then...get ready for it...Buffy dies. She sacrifices herself in order to save the world, and Spike is sobbing hysterically, and it is just so sad. But I love it. And I know Buffy comes back so that's all good. Anywho, I must go. Dear homework and eighth grade speech powerpointness calls. But call me. And I laff you all. Dasvidania.

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queens fool13: pooping pee
queens fool13: peeing poop
queens fool13: farting fart!
queens fool13: fart farting!

queens fool13: who gives kids condoms!

queens fool13: MARIJUANA!!

queens fool13: YES IT IS JESUS CHRIST

queens fool13: by your mighty blog-ness. princess of blogonia. i am in awe

queens fool13 (7:00:30 PM): i'm gonna go eat breakfast now (said at 7 pm.)

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

DanDaMan1441: hello
Kneazle731: hello frederick
DanDaMan1441: sup?
Kneazle731: sorry couldnt resist
DanDaMan1441: *what is happening?
Kneazle731: lol nm. boring myself by pretending to be my friends crush and asking her out
Kneazle731: u?
DanDaMan1441: I am exciting myself by listening to a compiled stream of musical notes in succesion
Kneazle731: Oh ho intriguing
DanDaMan1441: It has a intangable, satisfying outcome
Kneazle731: I have never yet heard of such an exposition of sounds
Kneazle731: Good grief. Do expose me to this wondrous uncovering of notes one day
DanDaMan1441: yes, when the time is right, they will be unveiled
DanDaMan1441: but untill then, they are secretive
Kneazle731: Oh how very suspenseful your manner is today, good sir
DanDaMan1441: It gives a sort of alluring in the audio matter
DanDaMan1441: not repugnant, by all means
Kneazle731: My dear man, I am afeared that your knowledge of the English language is not quite sufficient enough to epitomize utmost intelligence
DanDaMan1441: I am insulted by your vast assumtion!
DanDaMan1441: i challenge you to a duel of words!
Kneazle731: I accept!
Kneazle731: You commence the ceremonies
DanDaMan1441: yes, i will produce the first word
DanDaMan1441: Sagacity
Kneazle731: Meaning?
DanDaMan1441: (its one of our vocab words)
DanDaMan1441: yes
Kneazle731: oh good gried sir
DanDaMan1441: and no dictionaries
Kneazle731: *grief
Kneazle731: do think on your own terms
DanDaMan1441: yes
Kneazle731: now pray you, give the term's meaning
DanDaMan1441: me?
DanDaMan1441: no, it is your turn
Kneazle731: do i give you the definition?
DanDaMan1441: you must produce the defenition
Kneazle731: or do i produce the next word
DanDaMan1441: yes, precisly
Kneazle731: precisely
Kneazle731: not precisly
DanDaMan1441: yeah, w/e
DanDaMan1441: fine, produce the next word
Kneazle731: multitudinous
DanDaMan1441: a similar term
Kneazle731: speak you what?
DanDaMan1441: that term has nothing to do with sagacity
DanDaMan1441: it means a lot
DanDaMan1441: the root is multitude
Kneazle731: oh
Kneazle731: so i give
Kneazle731: a synonym for sagacity
DanDaMan1441: a fancy synonym
DanDaMan1441: precisly
Kneazle731: precisEly
DanDaMan1441: did i ask you??
DanDaMan1441: ;-)
Kneazle731: discernment
Kneazle731: will that do?
DanDaMan1441: yes
Kneazle731: i am wracking my brain feverishly
DanDaMan1441: it means to understand
DanDaMan1441: ok...
DanDaMan1441: hmm..
Kneazle731: now you?
DanDaMan1441: Acumen
DanDaMan1441: ha!
DanDaMan1441: beat that
Kneazle731: this being a new word or a synonym
DanDaMan1441: yes
DanDaMan1441: both
Kneazle731: hmm
Kneazle731: difficult, btu i can surely think...
DanDaMan1441: no dictionaries@!
DanDaMan1441: *!
Kneazle731: astucity!
Kneazle731: there!
Kneazle731: i understand!
DanDaMan1441: studious
Kneazle731: i am trying to recall the many words which i have received from my word of the day emails
Kneazle731: tis hard to find in my memory
Kneazle731: studious has not much in common with t his word
DanDaMan1441: yes, it does
Kneazle731: very well
DanDaMan1441: shut up
Kneazle731: how dare you?!
Kneazle731: aforethought
Kneazle731: ha
DanDaMan1441: that is no word!
Kneazle731: it is indeed
DanDaMan1441: fine then
DanDaMan1441: dont tell me!@
Kneazle731: it has recently been proclaimed as one such vocabulary word at my institution of study
DanDaMan1441: lets take it apart
DanDaMan1441: Fore(as in before) Thought
DanDaMan1441: hmm...
Kneazle731: Afore
DanDaMan1441: cogitation
Kneazle731: Fore
DanDaMan1441: ha!
DanDaMan1441: that was one of our vocab words
Kneazle731: deliberation!
DanDaMan1441: hmm..
DanDaMan1441: not bad...
DanDaMan1441: ruminate!
Kneazle731: meditate
Kneazle731: it sort of matches
DanDaMan1441: not really...
DanDaMan1441: ok
Kneazle731: fine
Kneazle731: erm
DanDaMan1441: no, sok
Kneazle731: muse
DanDaMan1441: hesistate
DanDaMan1441: *for the other one
Kneazle731: hesitate?
Kneazle731: or hesistate
DanDaMan1441: hesitate
DanDaMan1441: sry
Kneazle731: that doesn't make sense
Kneazle731: meditate and hesitate
Kneazle731: nope
DanDaMan1441: fine
DanDaMan1441: erm
DanDaMan1441: for muse
DanDaMan1441: ponder
Kneazle731: nice
DanDaMan1441: thank you
Kneazle731: mull (over)
DanDaMan1441: hmmm..
DanDaMan1441: chaw
Kneazle731: turn over
DanDaMan1441: huh?
Kneazle731: turn over!
Kneazle731: ok fine
Kneazle731: deliberate
DanDaMan1441: thats not a word!
DanDaMan1441: hey!
Kneazle731: what?
DanDaMan1441: no online dictionaries!!
DanDaMan1441: cheater
Kneazle731: i'm not using one!
Kneazle731: i just remembered deliberation from earlier
DanDaMan1441: sure...
Kneazle731: and turned it into deliberate
Kneazle731: i'm not!
DanDaMan1441: fine
Kneazle731: hey
Kneazle731: are you?
Kneazle731: honestly...
DanDaMan1441: no!
Kneazle731: ok good
Kneazle731: proceed
DanDaMan1441: can we pick a new word?
DanDaMan1441: we keep falling into the same rut
DanDaMan1441: wait, hold on
DanDaMan1441: o nm
Kneazle731: dictionary daniel
DanDaMan1441: huh?
Kneazle731: nvm
Kneazle731: lol
DanDaMan1441: r u usinga dictionary, honestly?
Kneazle731: no. are u?
DanDaMan1441: agian?
DanDaMan1441: nope
DanDaMan1441: alright
DanDaMan1441: new word
Kneazle731: yes
Kneazle731: thank you
DanDaMan1441: deviate
DanDaMan1441: ...
DanDaMan1441: ok
Kneazle731: stray
DanDaMan1441: amble
DanDaMan1441: kinda
Kneazle731: wander
Kneazle731: very simple answer
DanDaMan1441: loiter
Kneazle731: drift
DanDaMan1441: float
DanDaMan1441: (as in water)
Kneazle731: yes i comprehend
DanDaMan1441: good
Kneazle731: hover
DanDaMan1441: suspend
DanDaMan1441: i g2g
DanDaMan1441: r u going to post this convo?
DanDaMan1441: u should
DanDaMan1441: its funny
DanDaMan1441: but kinda long
Kneazle731: ok i will
DanDaMan1441: cya
Kneazle731: yup. bye
DanDaMan1441 signed off at 4:24 pm

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Hi all. Not much happened today. Anna and I were GOING to do filming today for our wonderful speech this Friday, but no go. Ah well. I can still walk around the house going "It's leviOsa. Not leviosA," which is always a good laugh. BTW, thanks to Christina, I just remembered this awesome British site. It's hilarious, so go visit. I was also reading some HP quotes from Mugglenet including the lovely F and G Weasley one that goes something like, "But you get these humongous pus-filled boils."
"I don't see any boils."
"Well, that's because they're not in a place we generally display to the public."
"But they make sitting on a broom a right pain in the-"
HAHAHA I think it's funny. Anyway...I didn't do anything else today except talk to some people on the phone, and rewatch Buffy episodes. OMG Spike has the best quotes. In the one I just watched, it's so funny, Buffy sees Spike lounging by her house, and she's like, "Spike what the hell are you doing here?" and he goes "Out for a walk," counting four on his fingers, and then goes, "Bitch," as an afterthought for the fifth. And also in Crush, i love it when he ties Dru and Buffy to the walls and in an attempt to convince Buffy that he really is in love with her, he goes, "I'm drownin in ye Summers, I'm drownin in ye!" OMG I love that. And Fool for Love is the best, with all of its flashbacks. So depressing yet awesome. So yes, I just wish she would love Spike. Anyway. GUESS WHAT? I'M PROBABLY GOING TO ENGLAND DURING WINTER BREAK. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I am so excited! And Mummy says I might be able to bring a friend, so stay on the right side of me, and you just might be the lucky girl. Or guy. But probably girl, because I doubt my mum would approve of my taking a guy on a trip to
Ok, not much left to say. I love you all very much. Well, almost all. So yes. I bid thees (plural) good day, and A bientot. Je vous aime!

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