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Friday, November 26, 2004

What a special day! Spent first part in SF with Idula! Happy funness....watched Buffy in car and blah blah blah. And then...the interesting part. dun dun dun.

Katie:hahaha so now me and dasha are sitting here hypering off martinellis and cupcakes with spraypaint on them, which has made us quite high

Dasha: So, some special people told me that there was a Michell Park dance today. Sitch is...there wasn't!

Katie: Philip, Michael, Noah, you guys are in so much shit!!! I hate you!

Dasha: IM HER if you want to know what she is going on about. So anyway, we were getting ready and trying on clothes to make ourselves look pretty, but then there was no dance. I mean, we pull up, and there is a FRIGGIN HOMELESS MAN SITTING THERE ALONE.

Katie: so then, my mom's like, get out. so we get out and the homeless dude ATTACKS US AND KILLS US AND NOW WE ARE ANGELS FROM HEAVEN SPEAKING TO YOU RIGHT NOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Dasha: it's the cupcakes, I swear.Meep. Anyway, actually, we just drove away and let ther homeless man go about his homelessing and we went to Safeway, where we got cake mix, frosting, and spray on icing, which turned out to be....

Katie: FRIGGIN SPRAYPAINT!!! dasha says it tastes like sharpies (ya know, the permanent marker) how she knows what they taste like i dont want to know

Dasha: Muahaha...sharpies...mmmm..
So, we take this stuff home, and mix the cake mix, oil, and eggs together. Only when it is all nicely blended do we see that we need water. So we try to mix it in but t hey don't seem to agree with each other. Result: Cupcake juice.

Katie: it was actually pretty good...


Katie: maybe it was good, but ull get SALMONELLA!!!

Dasha: so while were waiting for it to bake, after talking online for a bit, I decided to watch Buffy clips. Theres this one with Spike topless making out with Buffy, so I say 'Oh, that's Spike's dream' and Katie goes "Oh let's watch it." So were in the middle of the scene, where theyre practically in the full monty and goin at it, when the oven buzzer rings and i pause the picture

Katie: so we get up and go tend to the cupcakes, and i look up at my mom, who is staring at the image with this expression on her face, she probably thought i was watching porn...

Dasha: Anyway, we pretend we dont notice this, put the cupcakes back in after thoroughly probing them with a toothpick, and quickly run over to the computer and close it. And now, the cupcakes are ready...after many glasses of martinellis in waiting

Katie: now we get to THE FRIGGIN SPRAYPAINT!!!! YAY THIS IS MY FAVORITE me and dasha decide to try this cool spray icing stuff we found at safeway...and so i put some on and then dasha's like, GIMME THAT and she sprays a whole toilet-bowl full of the stuff on her friggin cupcake and then its starts think that stuff is alive or something...

Dasha: so i smell it and it smells like a sharpie...SERIOUSLY...then i make katie take the first bite...she gets a strange expression on her face similar to the face of a deranged giraffe...and i'm ;ike what the hell, she wont be talking soon anyway, so i take a bite. at first its okay, not bad, but then i get to the really really heavily sprayed part and i'm like "HOLY CRAP THIS IS MADE OF FRIGGIN CHEMICALS!"

Katie: and now we are eaing seconds.

Dasha:L Without blue spray paint.

Katie: Thank the lord.

Dasha: The end.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hi everyone! OMG I haven't posted for such a hell of a long time now. Well anyway, nothing much has happened except for my...BAT MITZVAH which was totally awesome. The morning service was good...except Sarah and I switched Torahs by accident, I messed up my Torah Portion for the first time ever (but it was a mild mistake) and I think that's it. I felt all holy and special :). Then the Kiddush luncheon was pretty fun. I saw Talia whom I haven't seen in all of eternity but who is now in Germany, my school friends, Becky, Sasha 1 and 2, relatives, Dan, Noah, Jacob, the gang, etc. The party was SO HELLA AWESOME! First, i just came with Sasha and we hung out for a bit waiting, where the picture of me playing my violin on the toilet at four was stuck in the Powerpoint frame. Then people started coming, and it was so exciting to see all of my friends! We played the powerpoint then where everytime a picture changed, people would either laugh and point, or otherwise "Awww...." very often and quite profusely. It was touching, yet mortifying. Afterwards, the dancing started, and I got raised up and down in the chair for the Horah! It was so much fun OMG I want to do it again! Then my friends and I danced around for a bit, there were some games to songs like Mai Ai Hee and Let's Get It Started. My friends made the best speeches for me! OMG I love you guys so much! Although it was quite frightening when Dan and Noah sort of half stood up and said something like "We are now going to tell you all a story that happened about three years ago at a camp which shows the bad side of Dasha." Yeah...that would NOT have been good. Annie, Anna, and Sara wrote the story of my life which was very intriguing and I would die for it to come true, which sounds very ironic. All of your speeches-every single one-touched me so much. You seriously have no idea how much you mean to me and how much I love all of my friends. Some relatives including my parents and dear brother Andrew made speeches. I then went up to do the candlelighting ceremony (which by the way I had written about five minutes before the party.) Then Meredith and I sang All That Jazz which was so much fun! Julia and Hanna and I were SUPPOSED to sing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, but the DJ schedule thing got messed up, which was said. Then at the end we were supposed to sing the Hatikvah-me and Julia-but Jubee left, so I had to sing with Talia. Talia and I have never practiced and I have never heard her sing, so that was NOT very nice to hear. No offense dearie ;-). OMG, then...wait for friends urged me to open the BIG present which they had been nagging me to open and which I had heard so much about, but never really got to finding out what it was. So I pulled back the wrapping paper, and there was...A FRIGGIN IPOD! I was like "AAAAH!" I thought I was going to go crazy like on those reality TV shows like the Swan, where they see themselves and they're like "Holy Crap I'm Gorgeous!" except in this case, I looked at the Ipod and said "Holy crap It's Gorgeous!" I can't believe you guys did this for me, and the fact that you just put it together means the world to me. Each and every one of the friends invited hold a very special place in my heart. Thanks for making this the best day of my life so far, and above all, existing. Many many kisses and hugs for all of you!

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