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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Kneazle731: hey
DandAMaN1441: hello
DandAMaN1441: sup?
Kneazle731: nm...just watched buffy, u?
DandAMaN1441: messing w/ my buddy prfile
DandAMaN1441: its pretty kool now
Kneazle731: should i click?
DandAMaN1441: sure
DandAMaN1441: its almost done
DandAMaN1441: but go ahead
Kneazle731: k, tell me when
Kneazle731: i'm not cliking twice
DandAMaN1441: ok...
DandAMaN1441: now!
Kneazle731: too much finger movement
DandAMaN1441: lol
Kneazle731: haha i know that joke! ive known it for years!
DandAMaN1441: do u like the different colors on the fromt?
Kneazle731: yes. gay.....but very rainbow too
DandAMaN1441: o shut up
Potates armed with pasta overthrow the US government, becoming a better president than Bush. All rejoice! - 20 Years, 5 Months, 3 Weeks left.

. u liberal wiener
DandAMaN1441: lol
DandAMaN1441: right wing nut job
Kneazle731: botox lover
DandAMaN1441: dumb as a doornob
Kneazle731: wait wait i have one....
Kneazle731: herman monster
DandAMaN1441: munster, you twit
DandAMaN1441: lol
DandAMaN1441: eat shit
Kneazle731: w/e
Kneazle731: lol
DandAMaN1441: thats how we tak in dc!
Kneazle731: thats how we talk in dc!
DandAMaN1441: lol
Kneazle731: lo
Kneazle731: l
Kneazle731: my bday was one of the choices for your bday on your quiz (which i failed abysmally)
Kneazle731: oh i wish this winning were a bit more certain
Kneazle731: better call my friends in haliburton
DandAMaN1441: lol
Kneazle731: we will pay
Kneazle731: so we stay
Kneazle731: rule the day
Kneazle731: dc land
DandAMaN1441: dc land
Kneazle731: i'm sensitive i cannot lie
Kneazle731: i love to hug and kiss this guy
Kneazle731: erm....
DandAMaN1441: Kneazle731 (9:18:10 PM): i love to hug and kiss this guy
DandAMaN1441: i'm keeping that quote
Kneazle731: oh i hate u so much
DandAMaN1441: :-D
Kneazle731: stop smirking u smirker
Kneazle731: its good to be in dc
Kneazle731: (heres another one for u to keep): i'm gay! I'M GAY!
DandAMaN1441: yes!
Kneazle731: we tossed our medals
Kneazle731: ok will stop here
DandAMaN1441: burnt our b...ok
Kneazle731: due to unnecessary content in next part which will be scarring to u
Kneazle731: lol
DandAMaN1441: lol
Kneazle731: we even did menage a trois!
Kneazle731: oh no
Kneazle731: thats another one
DandAMaN1441: lol
DandAMaN1441: mwuhhahahhaha
Kneazle731: this is going in my blog :-)as is my current convo with katie
Kneazle731: and everyone will know that you are burning your bras
DandAMaN1441: lol
Kneazle731: lol
DandAMaN1441: no, i didnt say it
Kneazle731: well
Kneazle731: theyll guess
Kneazle731: since all of my friends have seen the video
DandAMaN1441: lol
Kneazle731: so it is i who shall say "MUAHAHA"
Kneazle731: did u know that katie is god?
DandAMaN1441: uh, not really
Kneazle731: she is. she jst confessed that she is god
Kneazle731: of the weirdos
DandAMaN1441: lol
Kneazle731: which means she is your god
Kneazle731: OOOOH SCORE
DandAMaN1441: ¿¿??
Kneazle731: i insulted u! get it? get it??
Kneazle731: do u have alzheimers?
DandAMaN1441: yes i understand
Kneazle731: no i am concerned
Kneazle731: have u been diagnosed?
DandAMaN1441: i can't remember
Kneazle731: what?
Kneazle731: oh!
Kneazle731: i get it!
DandAMaN1441: lol!
Kneazle731: you're making a joke!
DandAMaN1441: score!!
Kneazle731: look he made a joke! look at zis room! have u seen zis room?
There was more, but it has been omitted due to....STUFF

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

God does indeed hate me. I'm sick. Again. The doctors actually thought I might have Appendicitis, but they changed their minds...I think. I was at home today until period 6 long, because history is really hard to make up when you miss it, and I wanted to go to Buffy club :). Bad Dasha...We watched Halloween today, and Spike is just so damn cool! After, me and Nani watched the Angel scene from Becoming Part 2 and Spike's scene with Buffy and the policeman. Anan and I were almost bawling when we saw the Angel scene! And Anan died when Angel said "You're hurt," since he didn't realize he hurt her :(. Omg, so sad, and now my ringtone is "Close your eyes." The policeman scene is so funny though! I love the "Truth is, I like this world-you've got dog racing, Manchester United...and you've got people. People walking around like happy meals on legs." and the "Hello Cutie." "Good bye Picadilly, farewell Leicester Bloody Square." "I'm talking about your ex-pet, Angellus. I'm talking about putting him in the bloody ground." Spike is sooo awesome...and sexy :). Arg I am so damn tired. I think I'm gonna go watch Buffy...Season Four! Yay! I love all of you sooo much, and to all of my friends, who are friends, you guys are my world, and I love you to death-even if you are a psycho.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bounjour mes amis! Je decide que je vais ecrire ce lettre en Francais. Actually, I changed my mind. No more French, even though I did get an A in the class :). I'm very tired and icky feeling right now. My grades weren't too bad...lowest was a B+, so that is all very happy. I guess. LOL. Not much going on. My homework folder has gone missing! That has a lot of my HW in it, but pointedly math, and 'tis not good, because I need my math homework. I feel so crappy though, not like emotionally, just sick. Again. And if I have the flu, I will get mad at God (sorry God, I really do believe in you.) Katie, we totally need to get together and go to ze Mitchell Park dance! Haha today was so funny, when you tried to brush my hair but the brush wouldn't let go and you tried to drag me around campus. Ouch...pain lol. And today when Dian choked...poor her! I hope you're okay Diane! I'm attempting to read books in French because Dad says "eet weell eemprove ze language skeells!" Haha Anan! "Vy eez you eensulteeng my language skeells?" Tatiana and Bobissina are ze friends foreeever. Okee must go....byeee!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Note, no Dan is not really a Finnish transvestite who attends Bellerman and Katie is nto going out with him. And she does not usually say things like by jeebers or whatever. Plus the other two are girls from my old school who decided to play a prank on me and this is my way of getting them back :).
You have just entered room "Chat 2473862703464674145."
barnbum621 has entered the room.
naughtyGRL0491 has entered the room.
Queens Fool13 has entered the room.
barnbum621: hi
naughtyGRL0491: who's queens fool
Queens Fool13: hi
Queens Fool13: lol
Kneazle731: hey guys. sry i think i kinda got worked up about that
Kneazle731: i'm really sry
Queens Fool13: hi i'm dasha's friend
Queens Fool13: and amy
Kneazle731: just ina bad mood
Queens Fool13: amy ousterhout
naughtyGRL0491: oh hi! wait that name sounds familiar
naughtyGRL0491: r u a swimmer
naughtyGRL0491: at the alpine hills club
Kneazle731: no her name isnt amy
Kneazle731: her name is katie
Kneazle731: she's amy's friend
Queens Fool13: no!
Queens Fool13: i know amy, smart one
barnbum621: lol... hi k8ie
barnbum621: i no!
Kneazle731: i know that
naughtyGRL0491: oooh
Kneazle731: lol
Queens Fool13: no i'm not a swimmer
barnbum621: she like so god damn smart!
barnbum621: lol
naughtyGRL0491: wtf
naughtyGRL0491: shut the fuck up tyler
Kneazle731: ya ok w/e
Queens Fool13: ya i didn't get it
Kneazle731: ok people...can we kinda...swear in good context
Kneazle731: so like u can swear
Kneazle731: but nicely
Kneazle731: get it?
Kneazle731: good
Kneazle731: lol
barnbum621: lol
Queens Fool13: no
naughtyGRL0491: lol
Queens Fool13: i like to swear
Queens Fool13: fuck fuck fuck
Queens Fool13: hehe fun
Kneazle731: sugar katie
Kneazle731: bad
barnbum621: mandy... im surprised u rnt saying this..
Queens Fool13: whos mandy
Kneazle731: low sugar diet manda?
Queens Fool13: whos manda
Kneazle731: mandy is naughtygrl
Queens Fool13: oh ok
Kneazle731: manda/mandy/amanda is all the same person
naughtyGRL0491: low sugar diet....? wait i don't get it
Queens Fool13: oh ok
naughtyGRL0491: i'm slow
Queens Fool13: u wouldnt
barnbum621: im lost
Queens Fool13: :-P
naughtyGRL0491: ok
Queens Fool13: ya that's fine just an inside joke w/e
naughtyGRL0491: probly impling to when i used to be fat
naughtyGRL0491: lol
Kneazle731: omg katie how was it with dan?
barnbum621: used 2 b?
barnbum621: lol
naughtyGRL0491: omg!
Queens Fool13: ok i guess
Queens Fool13: lol
barnbum621: im jk!
Queens Fool13: y
Kneazle731: comnm tell me!
Queens Fool13: nothing!
Queens Fool13: jeez!
barnbum621: theres sum things the world will never know..
Kneazle731: u guys dont seem mad at each other. is everything ok now?
barnbum621: ya.. its was a stupid fight..
Kneazle731: i see
Kneazle731: thats good
naughtyGRL0491: yea
Queens Fool13: sure
naughtyGRL0491: tyler was bein mean
naughtyGRL0491: and callin me fat!
naughtyGRL0491: lol
naughtyGRL0491: bitch!
naughtyGRL0491: jk
barnbum621: haha lol
Kneazle731: lol
barnbum621: brb yall
Queens Fool13: i c
barnbum621: tehe
naughtyGRL0491: k
Queens Fool13: golly gee i'm glad you two aren't fighting anymore!
Kneazle731: omg this calculus sheet is so hard. i cant believe she wants us to "start it early"
Queens Fool13: that sure scared the bajeebers out of me
naughtyGRL0491: ummmm
naughtyGRL0491: lol
Queens Fool13: i only got to 14
Queens Fool13: what are u on
Kneazle731: 16
Kneazle731: ha
Kneazle731: lay down biatch!
Queens Fool13: poop
Queens Fool13: hehe
barnbum621: ok
Kneazle731: anyway
Kneazle731: so hows ur bf mandy?
Kneazle731: are u guys gonna do something special for ur anniversary?
barnbum621: she went away..
DanDaMan1441 has entered the room.
DanDaMan1441: Hello?
Queens Fool13: hi frederick
DanDaMan1441: Have a entered the domain of the chatter room?
Kneazle731: hey frederick!
Queens Fool13: ya lol
DanDaMan1441: Greetings, girls
Queens Fool13: hey guys this is my bf
barnbum621: hey
DanDaMan1441: Hello, young man and or woman
Kneazle731: how is school?
Kneazle731: i hear bellerman is nice?
Queens Fool13: ya how's it goin, hon?
Kneazle731: even though it is all boys
barnbum621: u go 2 bellerman?
Queens Fool13: ya
Kneazle731: no i do
Queens Fool13: do have lots of hw
DanDaMan1441: School is absolutely delicious
barnbum621: o wow... not good stuff w/ bellerman.. bad memories
DanDaMan1441: Well, we have made corporate enemies of other organizations
DanDaMan1441: I must admit
Queens Fool13: really what happened?
Queens Fool13: really?
Queens Fool13: how?
Kneazle731: tell us frederick!
DanDaMan1441: I do not comprehend the question
Queens Fool13: ya seriously
DanDaMan1441: Please repeat
Queens Fool13: come onn tell how u got them mad
DanDaMan1441: We traded their stocks..
Kneazle731: please recite thou tale of miseries
DanDaMan1441: without their consent!
Queens Fool13: ouch!
DanDaMan1441: It was the most entertaining prank ever committed
Queens Fool13: totallh
Kneazle731: why indeed!
Queens Fool13: where have the naughtygirl and barnbutt gone?
DanDaMan1441: Yes, where have the ladies and or gentlemen gone?
barnbum621: fuck off fool!!! lol jk! jk!
Queens Fool13: she told you to fuck, freddy!
barnbum621: should i invite amy in2 the room???
Queens Fool13: how rue
DanDaMan1441: Hey! That is not proper use of the English language
Queens Fool13: *rude
barnbum621: no... quenns fool
DanDaMan1441: I must be going
DanDaMan1441: Be back in 2.35 sec.
Kneazle731: joy
Queens Fool13: ok goodbye freddy
Kneazle731: he will be back, hear ye not?
Queens Fool13: ya i got it
maybethouster has entered the room.
maybethouster: hi
Kneazle731: but where is frederick?
Queens Fool13: i have no idea
Kneazle731: 2.35 seconds are long gone
Kneazle731: hey
maybethouster: who's frederick?
barnbum621: hi amy!
Kneazle731: hi!
barnbum621: he goes 2 bellerman... remember brit and jeff's 'fiasco'??
maybethouster: yeah
barnbum621: lol
barnbum621: that was fun//
barnbum621: brb
Kneazle731: k
DanDaMan1441: I have returned
Kneazle731: frederick!
Queens Fool13: hey freddy
DanDaMan1441: Hello ladies and or gentlemen
Kneazle731: when are u going back home for vacation frederick
Kneazle731: where is it that you live?
DanDaMan1441: I live in finland
Queens Fool13: finland, idiot
DanDaMan1441: um, yes
Kneazle731: yes right
barnbum621: i hafta go
Queens Fool13: no not u freddy, kneazle
barnbum621: ttyl
Queens Fool13: ok bye!
Kneazle731: bi!
barnbum621: bb
Kneazle731: frederick, say bye
barnbum621: c ya 2morrow amy.... at fun fun school
DanDaMan1441: As we say in finland
barnbum621: :'(
DanDaMan1441: SIanara
barnbum621: ok
Queens Fool13: what?
barnbum621: bb
Queens Fool13: they dont say that
Queens Fool13: lol
DanDaMan1441: yes they do!
barnbum621: as i say/... i don't get it
Queens Fool13: thats japanese
Queens Fool13: lol
barnbum621: bb
barnbum621 has left the room.
DanDaMan1441: yes, i understand
Kneazle731: do you now
Kneazle731: katherine, frederick, where are u?
Queens Fool13: right here, darling, sorry
DanDaMan1441: I am presently sitting at my desk
DanDaMan1441: Here in finland
Queens Fool13: oh so ur back already?
Kneazle731: oh i see!
maybethouster has left the room.
Kneazle731: i miss vlad. he is all alone in russia
DanDaMan1441: ok, i'm breaking out of character
DanDaMan1441: was i good enough
Queens Fool13: haha did we fool u?
Queens Fool13: ya by far
Queens Fool13: lol
Queens Fool13: rilly good
DanDaMan1441: i have a career in Instant Message acting?
DanDaMan1441: yes! My dream job
Queens Fool13: totally
Queens Fool13: lol
Queens Fool13: so i c ur won ur tennis thingy
Queens Fool13: who did u play agianst
DanDaMan1441: ya
Queens Fool13: against
Queens Fool13: w/e
Queens Fool13: lol
Queens Fool13: i'm gonna leave this place
Queens Fool13 has left the room.
DanDaMan1441 has left the room.

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Buffy quotes are the best:
So why don't you just come out and face me like a...thing.

Close your eyes...I love you.

You don't just wake up and stop loving somebody dammit! Love-is forever!

Do you like daisies? I plant flowers but they always die. Everything put in the ground withers and dies.

Kill her Spike. Kill her for me. Kill her for princess.

We like to talk big, vampires do. I'm gonna end the world. But truth is, I like this world. You've got dog racing...Manchester United. You let Angellus free, good bye Leicester Bloody Square-

Run? We can't run! That's cowardly. Can we hide?

I'm our only hope? Oh, I don't work well under pressure. Can we have another hope?

Wow Cordelia! I have no clue what they were talking about when they said you dressed like a hooker!

So...have we met?
You hit me with an axe once. Remember, get the hell away from my daughter?

Angel...I love you...
Love ya too babe.

Slaying always makes me really horny.

Wow, Buffy, Lady of Buffdom, noble of Buffonia, I am in awe.


-so then she says-you won't believe this-she says-we can still be friends!

You two will love each other until it rips and tears at you from the inside out. I may be love's bitch but at least I'm brave enough to admit it.

That's all for now!

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Monday, November 08, 2004

Oh I wish this winning were a bit more certain
Better call my friends in Haliburton
We will pay
So we stay
Rule the day
DC land
I'm sensitive I cannot lie
I love to hug and kiss this guy
For the rest...go to That's right, nothing better to write at the moment, but I'll most likely add an entry later. So bye to all of ye.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

I am happy again. Well, I was happy until twenty minutes ago when the five or six people I was talking to signed off like at the same time. So I am lonely. Nobody loves me but Sasha, since I'm on the phone with her and I love her too. :)
Except the line broke. So now I'm not talking to her. Instead I am having a one-sided conversation with Talia. Latin is very interesting Sasha...I love the story about Varica. I am so tired and so bored and so overwhelmed by homework right now, it's not even funny. My English essay rewrite is dying literally lol. Katie, we have to go to the Mitchell Park dance together! It will be so fun my Ahi! Yes, as Sara has advertised, get in touch with your inner mad fairy. Whoops! Did I say Sara? I meant Zuna. I am xyrga now lol. Dan and Philip, you evil prankster people you. If you tell...the knives and acid are ready >:-D. Ugh. I want a hug from someone other than my own mother, father or cat. Love you all who are so nicely not calling or iming me. Bye.

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