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Saturday, November 06, 2004

There was U2 and blondie and music still on MTV. What a special day today! I spent time at Sara's until about 12:30 today. 'Twas quite fun. We watched strange MTV music videos, danced like mad fairies, and scootered randomly around the block. I am still recooperating from the dance. Every school dance takes some recovery lol. It was very special. Random guys come behind you and try to freak you. Not the best way to pass time (unless you're Anna. Love u dolly :)). I just wish that I oculd talk to some people who I evidently pissed off. Ah well. Life goes on. Very special AIM convos today. Especially the whole blackmail sexy-calling thing. lol. My brother also decided to have some conversations with my friends, which typically does not amount to happy goodness, if you know what I mean. Over all, I am just hanging, watching Buffy, doing sit ups, yoga, meditating, relaxing, petting the cat, brooding over STUFF (lol Jubee and Sara), eating a bit, and ya. So I will go back to that now. Because Mr. Brood wants me to Ing. (Haha get it?)
A heartless Dasha

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Friday, November 05, 2004

So, the long-awaited dance finally happened. What we were waiting for, I don't know. And I invited two people who had a terrible time...probably because of me. Poo, ickykins. So, those two people: I'm really sorry...I should have given you guys a better time...and I'll see one of you in two weeks. I actually tried to find you guys right when you said bye, but you left. so Psh. Evil people! I'm now moping with Sara and Jubee, and we are listening to music and will shortly go watch the OC. I am in such a sad mood right now. People who I did not give me a good time, call me so that I can give you my "fully-fledged apolog." In short, I was not a good host, and I should have been nicer, so I'm sorry. K, I'm going to go now. Bye everyone. *Mopes*

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Tomorrow is the da-ance! Once again, I kindly ask everyone whom I invited to come along. 'Twill be fun, I hope. To my three elemented friends, the story is coming along nicely. I have written about eleven pages so far, and thanks to Annie's wonderful latest addition, I will be able to continue very nicely...I hope. BM preparations are becoming very strenuous lately, but I am so excited! I actually have to go now, haha, more homework to do at about eleven at night, but oh well. I don't go to bed until 11:30 anyway...on good nights. Gettting hair straightened tomorrow though! Agh, so cool! Oh, and Sara, I tried calling you...but no one picked up. I just have to say, I can't come to your house pre-dance tomorrow :(. But the after thing is going to be great! So very very tres sorry about that. I have Hebrew :( again, ao, yes. But can't wait to see all of my friends and new faces there! Mwahsies to you all! From the Dashinator...

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My title really says it all. Firstly...rags. I have no clue why I put that there. It starts with an R, so it is good enough. Results: duh. Bush won! Reason...or lack thereof. Okay, everyone who voted for Kerry or is anti-Bush, I respect your opinion, so it would be very nice if you could respect mine. I got a bunch of nasty IMs yesterday when people saw my pro-Bush away message, which isn't the nicest thing to see when coming back to my computer. At school, I debated against about fifty million people, all of who were attacking me (it's true my dears), and even at Hebrew school, my Hebrew tutor offended me. So once again, I respect you, so please respect me, whether you like what I think or not. Okay, moving away from discipline. I lost my voice this morning but found it later on. So that is good. My English teacher told the whole class about my Bat Mitzvah, which is not too great, since not everyone is invited. But oh well, she is a great teacher. I know a lot about the digestive system now, so if you need any pointers, you know who to come to. Aaaah, I am so excited about my BM! I can't wait to see all of my friends who I barely ever get to see, and the party is going to be so much fun! My mom is apparently coming up with a surprise for it though, so that may not be a good sign. The dance is on Friday night, so I can't wait to see my school friend plus the people I invited either, even though ONE of them "divorced" me and bitched to me about Bush :). So that is it for now, tata, and goodbye.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Kneazle731: hey
ThirdBoleynGirl: hello
ThirdBoleynGirl: uck... that is a really gross green. i'm changing it.
Kneazle731: lol
ThirdBoleynGirl: ok...this is better
Kneazle731: according to philip, dan was never mad at meKneazle731: i am so confused
Kneazle731: he flip flops
Kneazle731: like kerry
ThirdBoleynGirl: oh....imagine that????
Kneazle731: and my mom
ThirdBoleynGirl: i think all democrats flip-flop
Kneazle731: good point
Kneazle731: omg i am freakign out here
ThirdBoleynGirl: and philip, despite having the snobby attitude often attributed to our republican party, is in fact a democrat
Kneazle731: lol
Kneazle731: i know
ThirdBoleynGirl: guess what i'm watching?
Kneazle731: i am leaving the ocuntry and moving to england with tony blair
Kneazle731: gilmore girls?
ThirdBoleynGirl: nope, i'm watching Pride and Prejudice. it is soooooooooooo good.
Kneazle731: oh
Kneazle731: yes it is
Kneazle731: i have seen it
ThirdBoleynGirl: i love it, i love it, i love it!!!! oh my, bingley and darcy are coming to call on the bennets and mr. bingley is going to propose and darcy and lizzy will be exchanging loving, stemy glances. ahhh. heaven.
Kneazle731: hahha
Kneazle731: but this elections is freaking me out
Kneazle731: i think kerry might win
Kneazle731: which makes me get mad
Kneazle731: and scared
Kneazle731: and very inclined to move to england
ThirdBoleynGirl: i'd move to england any day, even if george wins.
Kneazle731: yes well, i am fine here at the moment. maybe not completely satisfied, but generally happy. if kerry wins, i am afraid that will change
ThirdBoleynGirl: well, i won't throw a fit if kerry wins, since he hasn't proven himself one way or another, though i do like bush in many ways. i just wish he'd lose the religious fanaticism.
Kneazle731: well, i am glad that he is a good person, which is probably forwarded by his religion, though it does get annoying at times. kerry just seems like a bad person who does not have the moral values, verbal strength, or tactfulness to run this country
ThirdBoleynGirl: it is only a part of our party that opposes gay marriages and abortions, both of which i highly support. but in general, i support most repuvlican values. the true ones that are the REAL morals of our party, not just the chrisitian section. but bush needs the christian votes.
ThirdBoleynGirl: my dad explains the values to me, and all of the above, and I highly agree with the real republican values, not the stereotypical religious section that seems to be the most outspoken section of our party.
Kneazle731: i actually do not support gay marriage. and i think abortion should not be allowed in all cases. it is up to a woman to decide, but if she decides to have an abortion with 3, 2, 1, or how many months it takes for a baby to turn into a human being to its birth time, i think that is just sick
Kneazle731: the religious section is not that outspoken. bush has given many reasons besides religion for opposing stem cell research and abortion and gay marriage
ThirdBoleynGirl: well, yeah... but i definately think that abortion should be available in all cases of rape, incest, and if the mother is unable to support the child. and also, financial aid should be available for abrortions because if you don't have enough money to pay for an abortion, you won't have enough money to raise a child.
Kneazle731: stem cell research is a bad idea for several reasons: the amount of money kerry is demanding for this will greatly affect our taxes, making them much higher, thius time for all people, and not only the "rich in his eyes." also, it will include people donating their embryos to research, which will lead to many dangerous experiment, especially to the embryo and to the mother
ThirdBoleynGirl: yes, there are tons of complications with stem cell research, but i think bush's way of handling it was good.
Kneazle731: abortion: i understand that many women may have financial problems. that is why if they would like to get an abortion, they should get it earlier, so that they won't actually have to murder an innocent child. At this time, many women are actually having their babies killed once they are born. if they don't get it done early, bush is funding adoption centers and encouraging adoption
ThirdBoleynGirl: perhaps i'm like my mother, a liberal republican. or maybe i just don't let religion effect me very much. and about the above: i think abortion should only be allowed in the first and maybe second trimester, not after six months. and i also think that bush is doing a good thing by putting out other options, but i still think abortions should be available.
Kneazle731: gay marriage: first of all, if two people who love each other dearlty and have lived together for a long time are allowed to get married (same sex), then why can't two sisters who have lived together for a long time? yes, it's true that they should be able to pay their taxes in the same way that normally married people can, so maybe that should become an availability. But marriage? Do you think that it is rational for two sisters to get married? Or a man and his pet? Well, the next argument may be, if gay peole can get married, then why cant these other couples? it will go to far. Marriage should not afect their relationship. Mariage was created for people to reproduce. The yshould have the same tax rights, but not marriage, at least not the same as heterosexual marriages
Kneazle731: *too
ThirdBoleynGirl: i think that gays and lesbians deserve all the same rights and respects as heterosexuals, but i think gays shoukd have a form of matrimony, perhaps not marriage, but a certain ceremony that commits themselves to one another, if not marriage itself.
ThirdBoleynGirl: dasha???? any comments on my views upon abortions and gays???Kneazle731: hold on lol
ThirdBoleynGirl: what? what's going on? did something happen?
Kneazle731: lol reading the convo to my dad. he is interested in our views
ThirdBoleynGirl: oh... waht does he say?
Kneazle731: he accepts that abortion should be legal but he's not sure if the government should support it, because at the moment, people are treatintg it "like tylenol"
ThirdBoleynGirl: i mean what, by the way.
Kneazle731: he agrees that it should be available in cases of rape and incest
kneazle731: but not after a certain period of timeKneazle731: i am sooo saving this convo
Kneazle731: we sound intelligent
Kneazle731: :-)
ThirdBoleynGirl: oh, yeah, but is that such a bad thing? as i said before... maybe the women getting abortions do not have the funds or means to raise a child and because of their religion they would rather kill a baby when it is born that put it up for adoption. abortion in the first or second trimester is a much better option than killing a child after it is born!
ThirdBoleynGirl: i was talking about the 'like tylenol' bit
Kneazle731: lol
Kneazle731: i support long as it is done before a certain period of time
ThirdBoleynGirl: yeah, i agree with that too. but late term abortions are illegal i believe and it is suggested that you have first trimester abortions. i mean, if you were raped today, wouldn't you prefer having an abortion than raising a child at teh age of fourteen and having to live with a reminder every day?
Kneazle731: yes, of course. actually they are nto illegal
ThirdBoleynGirl: thank god i'm on the birth control pill already. and i'm pretty sure their are actions currently to ban late term abortions. maybe not yet, but very very soon.
Kneazle731: omg i am getting so nervous
Kneazle731: eeeek
Kneazle731: do u mind if i post this convo (part of it) in my blog?
ThirdBoleynGirl: are you watching the news? on the map i just saw, bush has taken a lead so far. and no, i don't mind.
Kneazle731: kk
Kneazle731: yes, i am
Kneazle731: there are different results
Kneazle731: on different stations
Kneazle731: tune into foxKneazle731: theyre the best
Kneazle731: and theyre funny
ThirdBoleynGirl: we are already on msnbc and my mom prefers that. they aren't funny, but they do give out great info.
ThirdBoleynGirl: on fox what are they saying???
Kneazle731: many things
Kneazle731: there are excellent debates
Kneazle731: and they analyze results very well
ThirdBoleynGirl: right now they are just listing the votes for different state senators. it's cool. anyway..........
ThirdBoleynGirl: right now vanessa kerry is on television.
ThirdBoleynGirl: she's ugly. the bush twins are much prettier. go us!!!!
ThirdBoleynGirl: bush is leading 54% to 45%!
Kneazle731: yes, but it depends on florida and ohio...

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I know a lot of my California friends will kill me for saying this, but: GO BUSH! I went and voted with my mummy :). C'est tres cool. God, i am so scared that Kerry will win. Terrorists will have a much easier target in the US if he is elected and our economy will plunge. To hear my reasoning, IM me. I am not planning to get into that here. The dance is on Friday! People who I invited, please come, and I am sorry for making you upset for some reason or another (ahem, hem!). Sara, agh! I do not know what to wear! I think I have a shirt...but I'll bring a bunch of my stuff over to your house anyway, because I need help in more ways than one. I am feeling so icky right now. Last year, I got all A's and prided myself in being one of the top students in the grade...but this year, my grades have plummeted. I just don't know what to do. Everything is getting to me and I always feel weak and crappy. Oh well...will try to live through next week lol. Moaning is not allowed in my household...then again...I live in a very hypocritical household, so we all moan 24/7. My baby boy kitten Mikey (Michelangelo) is sitting on my monitor right now licking himself and he is just so cute. And my other kitty Gizelle said hi to me when I came in. I swear I have the best cats in the world. And they are all exceptionally smart...with some exceptions on Mikey's behalf. Wow, that was bad grammar. LOL, Meredith yesterday was so funny! Sasha, omg we have to come and visit you. :). Okee, must go. I will be homeworking, but please IM me and drag me out of the boredom. And Annie, EMAIL IT AND BRING SEASON FOUR. Buh bye.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

I am in such a bad mood right now. Apparently I am putting one of my friends under pressure by being hospitable, which makes me mad. Plus, the person won't talk to me. *Fumes* Dan, dude, please sign on so I can be nice and not explode. I am not pressuring you to sign on, merely asking you politely to do so. I just asked you to come to the dance to have fun. Nice, happy fun. I invited several other people and they are not feeling pressured. They are feeling happy, because happiness is good, and dancing makes you happy. So if you don't want to go, then fine, but please talk to me anyway, because SOMEONE has just left me feeling like bitch of the year (which I probably am right now), and I want to apologize for...whatever...I don't exactly get that part yet because SOMEONE signed off on me. Okay. Breathe.....bye.

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We all need a grandma, you know. Someone to tell us stories. Someone to teach us to play cards, someone to scold us nicely. We need to smell that scent of perfume once in a while, which reminds us of birds singing in the spring. We need to be able to bury our heads in white and silver curls of hair, and let our frustration go as thick pearly teardrops soak them. And someone has to be there, with whom you can cook, or rely on for the best food ever. You need to hear stories of the past, of long ago, of the grandfather you never knew. Or, you need someone to show off during grandparents day, and to proudly pronounce that they can speak a foreign language. You need someone to tell you you are as skinny as a little stick, and to stuff your face full of good European food, someone to protect you from your mother and father when they are in a screaming mood. You have to face. No matter how embarassing or how boring grandmothers can be, you need them to live. The sad thing is, a lot of people only realize them when their grandmothers are in heaven.

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Ida and I stayed up until about 4 am watching Cruel Intentions, Scary Movie, and Harry Potter 1. Twas quite fun. Cruel Intentions is such a good movie, so thank you Sara for showing it to me! I tried to get my mom and dad to watch it today, but I don't think they liked it. It might be because my mother does not appreciate my watching movies centered entirely around sex, and as my dad is mortally afraid of sex and everything to do with it...that might affect it. Ida-WIENERSCHNITZELS! THEY CLOSED DOWN! AAAAAH! Are you sure Noah? They are necessary for us! Sara thank you for bearing my ridicule. We are communing with our inner mad fairies! We are not crazy! It's all the mad fairies!
ThirdBoleynGirl: that doesn't hinder your possible romantic relationships, though. and that conversation must have been two-sided if you were having a conversation. he was communing with the inner mad fairy as well.
ThirdBoleynGirl: my mad fairy is so extreme and possesive that when it decides to take over, stop, drop, and roll is advisable.
Haha lmao. Went to DJ's for BM planning today! I picked out this awesome Indian song! And oh lord, wait for it...I have to sing All That Jazz with a hat. So ridiculous but they would not take no for an answer. The Indian song is soooooo awesome though! Today is Talia's Halloween party! Except...I don't know when to come over! So yay for me! Okay, must go now. Love to all of you out there.

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