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Saturday, October 30, 2004

The title, you ask? My answer: inspiration from a certain English class in which we examined the poetry of Maya Angelou, and Ida just happens to be physically demonstrating that line. VERY VERY interesting. So, as a tribute to her, let us say "Amen." And let her say: heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Go to lululand!
Very very intelligent Ida...anywho! God that sounded stupid lol. Today is our pre-halloween eat as much as you want especially sugar and watch Cruel Intentions, Scary Movie, and both Harry Potter movies. Joyful. Today, went to Anna's...worked on speech, which will be awesome! Cast lists TO BE ANNOUNCED. Okay, normally I write novel blog thingis, but instead, I will leave you now, because I don't like you! So bye, and I love you all. Ironic, no? Goooooooooooooooood bbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye.

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Erabato-why this, you ask? Well, as Hanna and Katie might have realised, I am commemorating last year's explo project, during which our disastrous circumstances caused us to turn to the holy robot God, Erobato. Okee...1) Sasha, you will not be asking you know who what kind of condom he prefers-I appreciate your concern, but, well, HELL NO. Xanthia: And that's how I lost sweet Molly Maloooooooone, ahaha that was so annoying : ). Thanks for the quiz. Jubee, so sorry did not do the debate! I wanted to, but I would probably make you guys look super stupid. Agh, I have barely had any hw this week (By Golly!) until TODAY. I am SO friggin tired. Buffy club was sooooooo fun today, as usual. Sara, that story about the teacher was very depressing. And Steph, eek, scary if you know what I'm talking about. Going to school in a corset tomorrow, hell with the Dobby idea. Sara...good idea...I'll bring a change of clothes for biking, and for theatre. NO corsets in front of special people. Okay, this is a very short entry for me, as I am quite long-winded, but I have to go struggle over itty bitty pieces of paper. I wish you all good lives.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hey everyone! Thanks to all of my friends who complimented my blog, c'est tres sympa, and to those of you who didn't, screw you. (Joke*). * is refers to something that I learnt from dear JKR: whenever you see a * in here, it means I am joking. Otherwise, people come up to me and ask me why I am so mean and horrible when I am only kidding. Ok, that done, I will continue to write. I feel really crappy right now. Just weak and stuff, but oh well, as-who was I talking to about it?-I think it might have been Chronley...but anyway, physical pain is nowhere near emotional pain. Halloween coming up soon, and election day at school! I was going to put out a fabulous display and be Dobby for Halloween, but I didn't get enough stuff to make the nose and ears, so now, I will just be wearing my Renaissance costume. But the corset makes my waist look small (and hips look huge)! I got some new yarn which is turquoise, and I am trying to finish making a nice scarf before my Bat, so I can wear it to the party since is matches my dress :). School dance next Friday: Woot! Come! Yay! I get to work there, so joy joy joy. Oh, and about school election day: Sara and I are dressing up as the Bush twins. According to Sara's reasoning, I have to be the one who goes to Texas State because I'm blond. Actually, according to my hair roots, I'm now light brownish, but Mom says once the blond goes away, I can dye my hair a dark chestnuty color. Not sure about that yet, but it's worth a try. Mugglenet has some awesome Prisoner of Azkaban DVD clips so check them out! They are sooo cool! And Anan, congrats on getting the passwords back. Muahaha...remember English today? Scenes from Buffy acted by fingers so teacher would not notice. Woot! Buffy club tomorrow, so yay, and Annie, I'm bringing season 3, so thou must bringeth season 4 to me! And you can have your quality time with season 2. :). Okee, must go, fare thee well.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hey peepails, hahaha Anan. I am back again! The father daughter was quite fun. Senior dad dance was funny, yet it made me get very teary...what if in senior year, someone doesn't have a dad to do it for them? Omg, this is so depressing. And another sad thing: I lost this necklace w hile ago that my grandma gave me, and it was a Magen David, and it was the most specialest most beautifulest necklace, and it's gone. That is very sad for me. And I lost my mom's jacket. So I am screwed. Yet again. I had a meeting with dear Rabbi Briskin-guy with the Red Sox logo on his Kippah. Hahaha, funny. Speech is going quite well, but must review prayers for Deb, else shall give her stroke as she says. Mom says can get hair straightened for dance if I pay-so yay! Have you noticed that I don't write in complete sentences here? Yes, you have. But yeah, that is just how I am sometimes-not complete sentency. Plus I am very glum right now since I just watched Graduation Part 2 (Sorry Nani, we'll watch it together again at school.) Ah, that is the saddest thing ever besides Season Two Becoming Part 2. Angel! You left! AAAAAAAAAAAH! Thanks for complementing me on my new pink trenchcoat at school everyone who did :). 'Twas very nice of you. Oh crap, I just realized that I left my lovely black boots at school by my locker. Probably will be in the lost and found tomorrow. Oh great. Sunday evening, spent time with Alex, Serg, and Andrew. Love you guys-Alex keep the hair, Serg...uh...good luck in hockey??, Andrew-Thank you for poking me me so profusely. Okay, many people say I look like Eliza Dushku (Faith) and Sara Michelle Gellar (Buffy). If you agre, let me know, because I will be flattered. I got this really strange letter today from Bloomingdales which said, "If you would like to consider modeling for us, contact at blah blah blah. We have found you sufficient for our catalog." How weird...Anna, Greg is yours forever :). Sara, Andrea (it's a boy) is yours, and Julia, Orli is yours! And none of you tell who is mine...besides Daniel Radcliffe. Okay from now on I will probably refer to him as Dan, but whenever I do that, people go "Oh, Katie's boyfriend?" or "Your friend?". And no, it is indeed not Dan my friend, but Daniel Radcliffe. Oh and Dan (friend), what did you mean by saying I was the most inaugural (or whatever you said it was) friend you ever had? I have been pondering that for a while, and I still don't get it. All that comes to mind is Clinton's inauguration, which I daresay is not what you are associating me with. Hopefully. Please. Okay, well, I must go. The little itty bitty bits of paper which my teachers force me to slave over are waiting on my desk, and if I don't hand them over, bad things will happen. Tata for now my loves!

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