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Friday, October 22, 2004

Hey bebs! Tomorrow is the father daughter-woot. Very excited to see all of my friends and Sashy, don't leave us! It's so great to have you back! Jubee: Kol od balevav, p'nimah! Haha, we rock! He was a famous trumpet man from out Chicago way...:) Hanna and Juju. Hanna thanks so much for the Ibuprofen today! It helped so much with know...haha lol. Elke, I miss you! Must get together soon. Katie, my little bunny! Please don't kill me for saying that tomorrow! Sara: Michael tells us wonderful story about directing Joseph for the first time haha. Jenny: I promise I will bring you a new photoshop thingy tomorrow for you to eat. Oh, speaking of photoshop, I'm working on a new one: it started out with Keira Knightly having light brown hair and really light pink lips. So far I succeeded in making her hair and lips look realistically green and red: very cool, if I mays say so myself. Oh my God, Annie, Anan, my phone has two Buffy songs on it and an Angel theme song! I almost DIED when I saw them, so they're my new ring tones, duh. Anna, I'm sure you did well in Bunnicula haha, and no more writing BAD messages on the board if you KNOW WHAT I MEAN. IF ANYONE IS COMING TO THE CASTI DANCE ON NOV. 5, TELL ME! ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A GUY, BECAUSE WE NEED GUYS, AND I WILL stop talking in caps right now to defy annoyances (don't tell me it's not a word, I know, I know.) New story in progress-will give more details later because you want to hear them and because the story is good. So yes. I must depart my dearies, but fare thee well, and a good day's events do I bid thee!

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Still depressed about results from science class. As I might have mentioned before, I should probably be dead according to the results. Then again, they come close. Yesterday, get ready for it...I fainted. No joke. Like in the movies. According to my dad, I was kind of standing talking to him in the kitchen leaning against the counter, and boom, my eyes go all weird and I slowly collapse. So obviously my dad took me to the doctors and they said I wasnt eating enough (hm, really? I mean, I only was sick 3423 times so I should have an appetite) and I was weak from being sick (by golly!) and I wasn't sleeping enough (5 hours? not enough? psh.) So yes. But I was at school today, because if I wasn't they'd probably throw me out for being sick too much this year. Is it my fault that someone is putting poison in my drinks and making me half dead? Yes, now don't rub the crap in. The weird thing is, a girl fainted at school today. We were having a mock presidential debate, and she fainted because of the heat. I think she was a sophomore, but I feel bad for her...eek. Ugh, I feel so messed up. I accidentally lost 10 pounds. Very strange. But good in a pretty way haha. I lost ten pounds since like Sunday. Scary. But Anorexia and Bulimia are both bad (Thanks Mrs Barker!) and I will NOT, I repeat NOT EVER DO THAT. Because I am a good girl who is not bulimic or anorexic. Agh, my hands are really cold and Mikey is on my monitor squashing it. Plus, I just watched an episode of Buffy where Angel pretends to lose his soul and makes out iwht Faith, and poo, I am sad. I'm like you Anan. I come out of the family room and both my parents go, "So, Dasha, who died on Buffy?" Ironic, no? Sasha, you look great, and no pantsing people anymore lol. I am wearing a tight belt when I am around you so you never get me like you did to those poor....not very innocent...people at school lol. It was so funny today, I go to my grandma's house after rehearsing on the Bimah (went well since no one noticed-red sox rabbi not there-that Anan drew special designs on my hand which were then printed accidentally onto my cheek) and she saw me and went "Ah! Dashunya! My little rat, my little skeleton! Vat has been happening to your face? You eez so skeeny! Oy, my baby Dashunya! Vy no you eat somesing? You only eat vone chicken leg! Dashunya, I veel keel your parents! No, No, No, you bad poor child. Put on slippers or your feet veel fall off!" So yes, very amusing. Ok, g2g warm my blue hands up now. Mwah my loves!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Yes, that's right, I am learning about Fad Diets right now! Science is really interesting at the moment. I was very depressed to learn, however, that I am low in about all aspects of food, and according to the program I used to calculate my nutritional needs and what I consume, I should practically be dead now, so yay. We watched a video on Maya Angelou in English today, and I have to tell you, she is an AMAZING woman. I tell you, I don't know anyone who would have lived through the things that occurred in her life. And I started her book "I know Why the Caged Bird Sings." He writing is very good is, of course, Willa Cather's. So all of you go and read "My Antonia." So guess what? Yeah, Sasha is BACK! And she looks so gorgeous (yes you do dear!) And I am like a millimeter taller than her so HURRAH! Dance coming up on November 5th, and lucky me, for I get to work at the sign-in desk and welcome all the lovely people. So you people coming had better be lovely. 53/50 on English test yay! And 90 on history, which is not bad, but I know I can do better. But I am still happy about an A-. So joy for Dasha. Anan, I would just like to say this to you: *Bawling with a gun* You don't wake up one day and just stop loving somebody! Love is forever!
But I-
Say you don't love me!
No, I-
So you don't love me and I'll walk away from you!
I don't love you! Is that enough? I don't love you!
It doesn't happen that way dammit! *BAM* *Angel topples over balcony as Dasha sobs with Anan and Annie*
Yes, so that is all for now, tata!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Don't you know how much it hurts to love someone so much it tears at you from the inside with knifes covered in alcohol? How much it cuts your heart if they don't love you back? You cannot eat, sleep, drink, or do anything but what is materially expected of you. Everyday, you look at yourself in the mirror, and think No, how could anyone love this. I need to change, I need to change. To think, what if I kept this personality but took away this frightful mask of a face? Would he love me then? I have friends-they must like me for who I am inside. But no matter how I plead or wish or yearn, things will never be like that-as they should be. For people to love for what is inside, and not on the outside. Even I cannot completely do that. Nobody can. I just want to take away the pain, take out the knives, continuously stabbing in and out everywhere. I just want the pain to stop-but not because I stop loving, but because they start.

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At school in computer art! I love that class, it is so cool. We're allowed to play music whenever we want and mess around with photoshop and when we're done, FREETIME. Hence, this is why I am here right now. I just did a photo montage, which, though it looks slightly like a blob, I think it still is very cool and full of awesomosity (hahaha Georgia). There are new photos on mugglenet-a photo shoot of the trio/Dan/Emma at YM, and more Dan pics, plus a really funny pic of Emma where she looks high. :) All guys think she's hot, and she is very pretty, but arg, it gets on my nerves. I don't hate her though, and I kind of like her actually, but she does annoy me quite often anyhow. There is a dance on Nov. 5, and once again, Casti does not have enough guys due to its all-girlness, so all you guys, come, and all you girls, stay away. Oh, and this is really random, but see the play The Black Rider. It is amazing. The acting is superb, absolutely to die for, especially that of Matt McGrath, who plays the main character. I just finished the episode after Amends in Buffy, but I forgot what it's called. It's awesome, though, and The Wish is really good. Xander looks hot, and Willow looks really cool with him there, despite the very slutty costume. Very pretty though. Dan Rad has a lot of acne in the Chili Peppers pics, but in the YM ones, HOT! And Tom Felton is still, alas, a fisherman. Okee, gonna go now, else will go on forever and ever in blog and shall die of overblogness. Tata! REN says hi by the way, so say hi back. Or else. Okee, bye now.

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Monday, October 18, 2004

I am bored, hence I am here, writing this post to add to my lovelisome blog. And yes lovelisome is a word. Because I made it one. We had a very nice assembly at school today, so yayness! Scott Ross, founder of Digital Domains, came in to talk to us about special effects and to show us very cool clips. It was definitely an honor-his company made The Fifth Element, Lord of the Rings, Interview with a Vampire, The Day After Tomorrow, I'Robot, and god, countless others which I forgot thanks to my wonderful sinus ache which came to visit me today. I swear, someone is trying to kill me and is regularly poisioning my water, or else I would not have gotten sick every other week of this year. I had to skip most of school today because I lost my voice, and it's just GAH! Hebrew is at five...or five thiry...I don't really know. So I can show Dep my lovely Torah Portion and barely started Haftarah. Hahaha I'm probably going to forget everything on the Novemeber twentieth. Talia gets an Aliyah, so you should be honored Talia. I am "calling you up," so you owe me big. And you still have my Away Laughing on a Fast Camel, which I need. I cannot live without my Georgia Nicolson, Harry Potter, or Traveling Pants books. Or my Autobiorgaphy of King Henry VIII. Or Sara's The Queen's Fool which I still have. Or Mary Bloody Mary, Beware Princess Elizabeth, and The Mists of Avalon. I need my books, and they need me. Oh, and I also prefer to have my Lord of the Rings books with me. Annie, if you aren't DONE soon, then I will come over there and send my tidal wave powers to you. So be done. Now. The Malfoy Hermione fic is kind of going down the drain, but I'm going to keep on working on it as it is very fun to write the love scenes lol...not that I would put anything inappropriate in my HP fanfic, unlike some people...right ANNA? Okay, I have to go eat a piece of lettuce for the bunny's sake, and everyone say yay because Sasha is coming on Wednesday!

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

It's weird when your friend likes you...along with other friends when you least expect it. Gah, I'm all tied up and bladiblablah. Happy Birthday to Morgan by the way. She's all old now. Wh oto choose who to choose lol, this is very strange. I'm sort of thinking into my blog right now, since there is nothing better to do. I have a crapload of homework, and erg is what I have to say to that. No one called me but Sara today, which was very said, despite my attempts to make Talia do so. I really like it when my friends call me, so even if you're shy, please do so! It makes me happy, and I don't care if I barely ever see you, or if you're a guy lol, or whatever. My cell is (650) 269-3633, and I'm praying that no stalkers are reading this. I'm glad it finally rained, it makes everything so peaceful...apart from homework. And I feel really sick right now, my throat is all icky, and I need a hug :(. Plus, my parents are telling all my relatives that I'm scared to stay home alone, which, while is highly hilarious for me, is a bit embarrassing, as it is not true. So yes, I shall be going to talk to my friends no AIM now, instead of doing homework. I'm away laughing on a fast camel!

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Hello everyone. Argh I'm so confused...there is like a mixed up circle of love here lol. Jenny, Sasha, a couple of you know what I'm talking about haha...anyway, very confoozled. Sasha is coming back soon! Yay! Joy! And my BM, even though there is a serious lack of guys (like 10 are coming lol), will be awesome, because I'm in it. Yes, so I kind of stopped working on my political novel, because it...uh...sucked, and I had no clue what I was going on about half the time. So oops. I should not have started that. I have to stay home alone for the next couple of hours, so PLEASE CALL ME. Even if you're embarassed, and you think I won't appreciate it, CALL ME. I am bored out of my mind and will be killing myself shortly (I'm just saying this so you will call me). (650) 269-3633. Yeah...I'm just buying time by writing this, so it's not going to be very interesting. Annie, Brunch was very fun, and I'm going to sell all those pictures of you on EBAY muahahah, I'm never deleting them. In case anyone wants to see my friend trying to be ugly lol. S once again CALL ME! ANYONE! PLEASE! JENNY, ANNA, ANNIE, STEPH, KT, SARA, JULIA, HANNA, REN, SASHA, ANAN, MEL, DAN, NOAH, WHATEVER I'M NAMING ALL OF MY FRIENDS (OR THE ONES I CAN REMEMBER IN THIS STATE, WHICH DOEN'T MEAN I DON'T LOVE YOU IF I FORGOT and I'm going to stop the Caps now) call me please! Okay, tata, farewell.

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