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Saturday, October 16, 2004

So, Noah had his Bar Mitzvah. Congratulations! Haven't seen him in two years, but surprisingly, he (and Dan) look the same as they did at Newman, only taller. Noah did the service very well...only problem is, I was sitting next to a random lady who offered me 6 glasses of wine at the end. I had one, but it took quite a while to explain to her that I do not drink. LOL, so the beginning of the party was a bit akward since I didn't know anyone there, save for Dan and Noah, the first of which was hanging out with friends, the second of which was being embossed by...admirers, shall I say. So I called Sara first, and we talked. Then Alice called me, but Noah grew jealous of my talking to friends instead of watching the processions of his party, so he kindly hung up on Alice for me. After about half an hour, dancing started and games, which were fun. Dan and I had a very interesting time sucking up Helium from balloons and sounding like eight-year-old versions of ourselves. Sad part was, Dan could do it without sucking on helium :). So anyway I had a great time seeing both Noah and Dan again-it's nice seeing old friends after a long time, and I hope we can hang out some time guys, so buzzer me up, or IM me. Oh and Dan, you looked very special dancing around with your guitar nd imitating one of those lovely Spanish guitarists. Noah, you are an awesome dancer haha, and the break dancing was very entertaining. You guys need to perform for my lovely friends at my BM lol. OK, I gotta go, so great time guys! Bye.

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The Wicked is the only key
To find away to unlock me
As I and others drift around
We writhe and scream without a sound
We're Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire
We cast away to find our sire
And when the moon looks barren and bleak
There's no hope here for us to seek
We look down with our large blank eyes
We silence all the child's cries
Where the power flies and goes
That, the order only knows.

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Where the prospect’s black and bleak
Only I know where to seek
I have money, I have style
What I lack I make up in denial
For me the power’s outside and in
And nothing I do can be a sin
I am wicked, it is true
I know how to cast and brew
All you angels sleeping sound
Skipping on the dainty ground
You know nothing of the great
Strength which I can levitate
From the Wicked, you do cower
You are hidden from my power
I can squash you with closed eyes
It is I, as Goddess, who will arise.

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. . . . . . . . . . . .,1.jpg This looks like me according to a select few people. Anna is Liv, Annie is Reese, and I need to check who Sara is-I didn't recognize the picture. Annie made an amazing photoshop of the four yesterday. I would post it, but a) I don't know how, and b) I must ask Annie. We are the four, the wicked, the order, and when we come together, we are a great and terrible beauty.

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I am the Wicked. We shine as the moon onto the Earth with blank white eyes. No hope, no truth, no promise. We shall be eaten, eaten away slowly by the fiery red orb which circles so close to us. Swirling in the midnight sky, we leave a trail of glistening white behind us—a ribbon in the air. The stars themselves want to hide, as we bow our heads ever lower and sink closer and closer to the Earth. Our flowing gowns of air, fire, water, and Earth trail slowly above us as we fall, slowly, spinning. Our eyelids shut as we are tossed from realm to realm, bearing burdens of eternity. And the moon, evermore lowers itself into shadows. One silhouette, two, three, four, join hands in those blank, whit eyes, and the power erupts from within us. Banished, banished from the sky, from the air, from the ground, from the sea, from the sun. We cling onto the moon as it desperately tries to shake us off from within. One shoots fire, one water, one air, and one Earth. They circle around Lady White and engulf her in powerful torrents. They attack. She is surrounded and plastered by them all. A Glowing orb of elements floating in the sky—it’s bringers clinging on, heads thrown back. The light extinguishes, as the stars close their eyes, and the fifth element of power winks good night. And so, the four are gone—simply vapor, simply floating where nobody knows. It turned into agony, when it started as a rose.

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Friday, October 15, 2004

Well, children's theatre was the same as last time, maybe a bit better. Michael, the Professor Binns of acting, wheezily explained to us the procedures of government. Then Sam gave his long awaited 30 secong speech on why he should be president, with long-winded words. It was quite a deliverance, I must tell you. He has a good vocabulary and satifactory (overly) grammar skills. He, of course, is president now. The usual doofis got all the other positions, save for Sara, who is now the new secretary. Now...away from wonderful Children's Theatre...I have several new ideas for writing, some of which I have already proposed to certain people. My current writings are: Dream Come True, an HP fanfic about going to the premiere and London; An Unlikely Romance, another HP fanfic about a strange love between a few characters; Wesley, the story of a boy who falls off a building and lands in another world. My new idea is a story in the third person which is written according to the thoughts of one such Jacob Gladbury-an aspiring young polition. This tale is about the harsh truth of political battles, and what really goes on within these competitions. is a bit difficult to write this last one, but I really hope it will be good-I like the idea. Oh, and of course, I along with other members of the Order, are writing the tale of the is a mystery to you, of course. Not much else...oh and tomorrow morning is Noah's Bar Mitzvah so if he reads this, good luck to him! Tata for now my loves, and farewell.

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Here I am, at Sara's house. Everybody say "Hi Sara!" We have just scootered/biked home together. I started on my very old crappy scooter which can barely move while Sara was on her bike. Then, Sara, being the kind girl she is, offered to switch and give me feeling in my legs once again. So yes, I am writing this, fully contented with a cup of orange juice and three (small) cookies. And at five, we are off to theater to see a friend, and a chaotic Ira Ruskin/Kerry supporter. Oh, and did I forget the teacher guy who should play Professor Binns? Go to and look at the new updates, should. And Harry Potter is cool. And now, a message from Jane/Sara/Spirit of Air: Er, hello Dasha-Stalkers like Serg (pronounced surge) with the Urge, Igor the Eager and Eugene the sex crazed cellist. History is really fun and it is the best subject, along with English, because I shall be a writer someday and Dasha shall star in the movies based upon them. But unlike Dasha, I have a problem with swearing. Bye!

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Here I am, doing history. I like history, and I like my teacher...but can never like it unless it doesn't exist. Plus, I just re-sang my Torah Portion and my throat is breaking off. And I want a sandwich, so I went to the kitchen and took out bread, but my mom insisted on making it for me, so now, it's been 15 minutes, and it's still not done, so I'm guessing she forgot about it. And I am soooooo tired. I had strep throat and a sinus infection already this year, so I'm still really weak and shaky. Very dizzy at the moment...having trouble walking. Keep the comments coming, they make me happy. And check out Annie's profile which is in my Aim info, but if you don't have my sn, don't look at Annie's, because then you don't know me, or her, and shouldn't be reading this. As you can see, I'm not swearing in this blog, because writers don't swear unless it is relevant to their writing, which it is not for me. Most of you, mainly the order, know I love writing, and I try my best to make my writing enjoyable-not simply a list of swear words. Don't be fooled, swearing is one unfortunate habit I have in oral skills, but in writing...I am "bringing my speech up to scratch." This is a very pointless post, so I will be leaving now to eat my finally finished sandwich. Farewell, and I bid thee good day.

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Bonjour, I hope I find you all well. I am Dasha BLANK. BLANK stands for my last name which I WILL NOT be displaying, ARE ALL CRAZY STALKER PEOPLE WHO ARE OUT TO GET ME. Now that I have introduced myself, and you-or at least how I visualize you, let met say Welcome to the Land of Blog. Dasha's Blog. Or Kneazle's. Or Bella's. Or Luna's. I have many names, which I am called by many people, because I am loved. I am part of a secret society...the order. I am BELLA, SPIRIT OF WATER. Together we form THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Okay, so what if I ripped of Gary Oldman's movie? It's good. I'm good. We're good. It works. Can you hear me now? Good. Je suis un Jewis American avec les origines Russe. Which makes me unique. And having my Bat Mitzvah on Nov. 20. So wish me luck, or else I shall stab you once. Twice. Thrice. Until you bleed and feel the wrath of ME. I am engaged (so far only to my knowing) to one such Daniel Radcliffe, and we will be getting married in around a decade. Together, we are fans of Harry Potter, joined together as one. You may start to get annoyed later on in my world of blog when all I talk about is Harry Potter, but live with it, because it is I, and I is it. We are as one. One is as we. Because you all want to know this desparately, I will tell you that my character personalities are Luna, Hermione, Professor McGonagall, and...Professor Dumbledore. I am weird, brainy, upright, an eccentric. Could anyone hope for a better combination? I will be posting links to what I think is relevent daily (meaning I will be posting links to very relevant things), so that I can keep up with my fans.

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